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USPTA and Wilson Sporting Goods to Part Ways Following Multi-Year Deal

Posted: October 24, 2022 in Suppliers


LAKE NONA, FL – The United States Professional Tennis Association, Inc. (USPTA), regrets to announce that, after seven years, Wilson Sporting Goods has made the decision to move away from its endorsement partnership with the USPTA. Wilson has been the official equipment supplier of the USPTA, providing racquets, balls, strings and other equipment for USPTA members and programs.

While Wilson plans to channel their resources into more direct relationships in the future, they have expressed that they will continue their ongoing support of USPTA professionals who are on the current Advisory staff.

“Most members are aware of the long-term relationship that I have had with Wilson, both personally and professionally,” stated John Embree, CEO. “USPTA has played a significant role in Wilson’s success over the years, so this decision to move on from our endorsement is disappointing; but we will find new ways to best support our members.”

The shared focus for the USPTA and Wilson to bring excitement back into the tennis marketplace was widely supported and there have been multiple points in time that the two entities partnered together, both benefitting each time.

While the USPTA is saddened by Wilson’s decision, we look forward to securing a new relationship with another high quality racquet and ball manufacturer in the near future.

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