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The Atlantic Club and Cooper Wellness Strategies Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted: April 11, 2022 in Chains, Suppliers

The Atlantic ClubThe Atlantic Club

MANASQUAN, N.J. and DALLAS, TX – The Atlantic Club and Cooper Wellness Strategies, both pioneers in the medical fitness industry, announce an industry-first wellness partnership based on prevention. This new partnership, launching April 26, will provide the Manasquan community with wellness and medical fitness programming and fitness testing to optimize one’s health through prevention or chronic disease management. Specific programming based on Cooper Aerobics’ 50+ years of health and wellness includes Cooper Tracks, Cooper Quest, CooperFit and Move.Laugh.Connect. and will be offered at the Cooper Wellness Center at The Atlantic Club, which will open in late April.

“The Atlantic Club is excited to offer Cooper health and wellness programs, assessments and ancillary products to our members as well as our immediate community,” states Kevin McHugh, Chief Operating Officer of The Atlantic Club. “The vision and leadership of Pat Laus, owner of The Atlantic Club, was the guiding force that allowed The Atlantic Club to not only introduce but launch medical fitness programs in 2011. The transition from being strictly a commercial club to successfully launching medical fitness and preventive care programs over the past decade has provided The Atlantic Club the opportunity for this outstanding strategic partnership with Cooper Wellness Strategies.”

Specifically, Cooper® Tracks is an exercise and educational program designed to guide and support individuals with chronic health conditions, or who are deconditioned, learn how to exercise safely, increase their confidence and develop habits to live healthier. Cooper® Tracks programming provides a comprehensive approach to wellness.

The first series of Cooper® Tracks programming at Cooper Wellness Center at The Atlantic Club targets “Post COVID-19 Recovery (Long Haulers)” in late April. In May, the Cooper Wellness Center at The Atlantic Club will be adding “Active with Arthritis” and “Health and Wellness 101.” Additional Cooper Tracks will roll out focused on Diabetes, the Heart and Well-Being in June. In October the center will continue to expand its offerings to include Cooper Tracks Cancer. Each Cooper® Tracks program is eight weeks in length, consisting of pre- and post-program health assessments, with two small group exercise classes and education sessions per week. Exercise tracking tools, social support and accountability are provided by trained instructors throughout the eight weeks to create a positive impact and provide solutions for those in need of lifestyle change.

The Cooper Wellness Center at The Atlantic Club will also offer Cooper’s Move.Laugh.Connect. (MLC) Parkinson’s programs in October. MLC is a balanced program for total well-being for adults which addresses one’s physical, emotional and social dimensions in a group setting, with a focus on extending the functional years. The program was created for older adults with limited mobility, stability and other health issues, but is also available for anyone wanting to improve brain health and fitness.

Another component of the Cooper Wellness Center at The Atlantic Club is CooperFit™ testing. CooperFit™ is a cardiovascular fitness test providing an accurate prediction of a person’s fitness level, based on more than 50 years of research and fitness testing at Cooper Clinic. CooperFit™, a vital sign of health, measures an individual’s predicted max VO2—the body’s ability to consume oxygen (aerobic capacity)—to determine their fitness level.

“Having Cooper Wellness Center at The Atlantic Club allows us to partner with one of the premier fitness centers in the country mirroring health and wellness assessments and programs Cooper is known for,” said David Evans, Vice President of Cooper Wellness Strategies. “The integration of our wellness programming, starting with Cooper® Tracks, provides The Atlantic Club members, health care professionals and the surrounding community with a world-class solution for preventive care as well as chronic disease management.”

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