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MOSSA, also known as Body Training Systems in the US and Canada, has a long and storied history of inspiring millions of people to MOVE with health club ownership in the '70s and '80s, with the introduction of The Original STEP that launched the step fitness craze in '90s, and today with professionally developed group fitness programs for health clubs worldwide.

MOSSA is honored to be selected Best In Class by Microsoft to provide workouts on Xbox One's new online service, Xbox Fitness. Consumers can now experience the MOSSA workouts with instant, personalized feedback, right in their home. Xbox Fitness will optimize every workout with immediate feedback on form, power, and heart rate with the all-new Kinect, featuring Muscle Mapping, Power Gauge, and Pulse. Xbox Fitness technology combined with MOSSA's programming expertise make these the most ideal home user workout experiences.

MOSSA is the most respected developer of professional, high quality, enjoyable group fitness workouts in the health club industry today. Spearheaded by Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Programing and Training, MOSSA has the most comprehensive and thorough Program Development process. Over 300 hours are poured into each and every workout to ensure the participants' enjoyment and success. This includes an unsurpassed, methodical Testing Phase that consists of 150 test classes for just one workout. This Testing Phase guarantees the programming of music and exercise is motivational, safe, and effective. With the diligent work of the MOSSA Program Development team and SAIFAM, their exclusive music supplier, to customize and engineer music, MOSSA has the best music to motivate participants in their workouts.

MOSSA offers nine professional group fitness programs for health clubs called Group Active, Group Blast, Group Centergy, Group Core, Group Groove, Group Kick, Group Power, Group Ride, and R30. MOSSA now offers four professional home workouts for Xbox Fitness, only on Xbox One, called MOSSA Core Workout, MOSSA Fight Workout, MOSSA Groove Workout, and MOSSA Power Workout. MOSSA is working closely with the Xbox Fitness team to launch more programs in the near future.

Phone: (800) 729 - 7837

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