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Pay Per Click Fitness Marketing Tips: Your Guide to a Successful 2022

Posted: November 16, 2021 in Suppliers


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a good way to get more eyes on your fitness brand and boost traffic to your website. Gyms can use PPC advertising as a way to target prospects and get new customers. With highly customizable data, your fitness studio can use PPC marketing to target customers based on interests or location and even get as granular as individual zip codes.

Is PPC advertising the right choice for your fitness studio?

As we get closer to the holidays and the time when many are making their New Year’s resolutions, more people will be motivated to focus on their health and get back to exercising. In fact, about 11% of new memberships happen in January, higher than any other month of the year.

With fitness PPC advertising, you pay a small, predetermined fee every time someone interested in your business clicks the ad, offering great returns and making it highly effective for generating relevant leads. Your gym can use PPC advertising to target prospects that are already interested in investing in their health and motivate them to stick to their resolutions.

The benefits of fitness PPC marketing.

If you’re still deciding if PPC advertising is right for promoting your fitness club, take a look at these benefits you won’t want to pass up.

  • See quick, consistent results. You’ll start to see improved traffic immediately after implementing your strategy. PPC isn’t as complex or time consuming as improving your organic reach and SEO strategies. PPC is a short-term strategy that can garner quick results.
  • Set your own budget. Start to see higher returns on your investments with the budget you set. Pay-per-click marketing is cost-effective and offers easy ways to scale your budget if your campaign is performing well. Set bidding caps and daily budgets if necessary and follow up with real-time results.
  • Gain access to highly measurable and trackable results. As soon as your campaign is launched, you’ll be able to actively monitor your results and make changes to improve your performance . By understanding how your ads are performing, you can create better campaigns that actually convert!
  • Start hyper-targeting your audiences. With PPC advertising, you can maximize clicks by targeting the right audiences based on demographics and user intent, helping you make more meaningful conversions.

Three Tips to get ahead on your 2022 fitness PPC strategy.

Your fitness PPC strategy will take some planning and preparation to get you ready for 2022, so here are some tips to get you started:

1. Advertise on multiple platforms, using an omnichannel marketing approach.

Combine your PPC strategy with other marketing efforts for the best results. Google Ads is a great place to start for your PPC campaigns, but it isn’t the only place you should be advertising. Using other platforms, such as Facebook and social media, can generate more brand awareness and offer a place to build a relationship with your customers, while Direct Mail can increase your gym’s visibility with impressive targeting capabilities, reaching your prospects in their home.

2. Deliver a mobile-first landing page experience for your ad.

You don’t want to send a user directly to your home page from your ad. Your viewers will have the chance to experience your fitness brand in a more immersive way from your home page, but a dedicated landing page offers higher conversion rates, is better for generating leads, and will help you accomplish your sales goals. Your landing page gives you a unique opportunity to personalize the experience and target a specific audience.

It’s also important to note that a majority of your viewers will view your landing page on a mobile device. In fact, 74% of all Google search clicks are generated through mobile, so you need to create a landing page experience that translates well on both desktop and mobile browsers to deliver the best experience and get the most out of your views.

3. Use remarketing to bring customers back to your brand.

Serving your ads back to potential members who have previously browsed your website increases the odds for them to make a purchase or convert and become a new member. Visitors who see a retargeted ad are 70% more likely to convert. This is a great way to draw in new customers who might be on the fence between your gym and a competitor.

Keeping up with the latest pay-per-click and advertising trends can be difficult when running a gym, but that’s where we come in! We can help you manage your entire PPC strategy from defining your goals and setting a plan, all the way through execution. If you’re a gym owner looking to kickstart your 2022 marketing campaigns, fitness PPC advertising might be just what you need to give your business an edge over the competition.

To get started, contact the experts at UpSwell or visit our site for more fitness marketing tips.

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