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Matrix Fitness Announces Record-Breaking Year With 21% Sales Growth in 2018

Posted: February 1, 2019 in Suppliers

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Matrix: Strong, Smart, BeautifulMatrix: Strong, Smart, Beautiful

COTTAGE GROVE, WI – Matrix Fitness, the commercial brand of Johnson Health Tech (JHT), reported $528 million in global revenue for 2018, its highest top-line number to date, with an increase of 21% over 2017. While the company saw increased sales globally, most notably, U.S. sales grew 40% in Q4 2018, with a total 26% increase for 2018.

“In the U.S. market we are experiencing strong sales growth across all of our product categories and customer segments,” said Mark Zabel, Global Chief Marketing Officer and President of the U.S. Commercial Division. “Sales to key accounts, athletics/education, multi-housing and medical channels have grown by double-digit percentages, and our ability to far outpace the growth of our competitors proves that Matrix is delivering the products, solutions and support our customers desire.”

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