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Fitness Streaming Experts Offer Solution for Fitness Clubs and Instructors to Stay Connected to Members During Covid-19 Shutdown

Posted: March 19, 2020 in Suppliers

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TAMPA, FL – Fitness studios and gyms are closing their doors in an effort to bridle concerns over the spreading of coronavirus, while opening their screens in search of streaming opportunities. Endorphinz, a fitness streaming agency with integrated services, content, production and publishing, is deploying resources and teams to help fitness organizations continue offering exercise programs and fitness classes to members while they are practicing social distancing.

The Endorphinz team has worked with industry leading brands for over 15 years and serves as a reliable streaming partner and fitness streaming expert. In support of finding a solution for the industry during COVID-19 public gathering closures, the company has joined together a majority of the streaming platform providers currently hosting fitness streaming brands to collectively assist club operators in deploying the right solution in a timely manner. For the next 30 days, the platform partners listed below will work hand-in-hand with the Endorphinz team to deploy viable solutions. Endorphinz will waive the upfront fees and deploy its team to assist with all program management, content production, publishing, and more.

“We have been servicing select partners in the fitness streaming market and we were planning to roll out the full-program service model at IHRSA. In light of everything, I called all of the platform providers and asked them to band together to help our industry because people are going to need fitness at home through these tough times. I have opened up our resources and staff to assist brands in deploying the appropriate fitness streaming solutions, to provide education on the best practices and to assist in creating content,” says Endorphinz partner, Mike Hansen.

In addition to fitness streaming program management, Endorphinz has built up one of the largest knowledge bases with fitness streaming research, consumer surveys, and best practices. The company is actively working on putting together educational guides and DIY services offerings to connect with professionals via a virtual model to support those who are in isolation.

“The team at Endorphinz is a great resource for insights and a reliable source of information and services for the industry,” says Garrett Marshall of Xponential Fitness.

For organizations who require resources, setup or assistance with their fitness streaming programs and content, call 1-833-227-4469 or visit The company will also begin to release educational content via at

For more information on the B2B content and streaming platform providers who are actively serving the fitness industry, please visit their websites and call Endorphinz for expedited service and procurement.

  • Brightcove;
  • FitGrid;
  • Fitness On Demand;
  • Forte;
  • Intelivideo;
  • JW Player;
  • KRU Active;
  • Pear Sports;
  • Uscreen TV;
  • Vimeo;
  • Wexer;
  • Wellbeats;
  • Yondo;
  • Zype;

“Clubs and studios need to be thoughtful about what decisions they make today with their online content and the strategy they deploy because the long-term and viable brands will require one of these commercial platform while using social channels for top of funnel and promotion,” says Endorphinz partner, Mike Hansen.

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