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April 2017 Cover Story Preview: George Foreman III and EverybodyFights – Train Like a Fighter; Live Like a Champion

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Other News

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George Foreman IIIGeorge Foreman III

Everyone has the fighting spirit in them. Because of the daily grind so many of us get used to, we may not realize it still exists inside of us, but it does. We’ve all studied it in school; it’s called the Fight or Flight Response, and it is ingrained in nature. When we perceive a threat, our heart rate increases, adrenaline kicks in and we become hyper-aware of our surroundings. It is in that moment that one chooses the course that best ensures their survival.

We all hope we never have to experience this psychological/physiological response in our life, but it is refreshing to know our instinctual nature will kick in if and when it is needed. Now, more evolved, we have learned to tap into this response to propel ourselves to greater heights physical and mentally. At EverybodyFights, the core of their program is to do exactly this. In doing so, they tackle one’s own beliefs, attitude and effort. A triangle can only be a triangle if it has three points, so, too, what one can accomplish is driven by the three points of belief, attitude and effort.

This month’s cover story subject, George Foreman III, brings forth this philosophy as the core of EverybodyFights. Training others to push themselves beyond what they thought possible to create improvement is what inspires George, and he has instilled that philosophy in his core of trainers. Those trainers, in turn, have spread this philosophy to their trainees/fighters. Once again, like the triangle of belief, attitude and effort, the triangle of leader, trainers and trainees/fighters has created a winning combination for EverybodyFights.

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