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World Gym Commemorates 45th Anniversary with a Global Exercise Event on July 31

Posted: July 20, 2021 in Chains

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LOS ANGELES, CA – World Gym International, the iconic fitness brand, is celebrating its 45th Anniversary with a Global Group Exercise event called, “Gorilla Week Goes Global” on Saturday, July 31st. World Gym locations across six continents will be hosting their Group Exercise special event to celebrate the anniversary. Gyms will be posting photos and videos on their social media channels with #GorillaWeekGoesGlobal. To see members participating globally, fans can follow this hashtag. Australia will kick off the event and it will end on the West Coast of the United States.

“World Gym has always fostered a special sense of camaraderie and togetherness in the gym,” said CEO Lewis Stanton. “This special event is a way for our members in over 220 gyms on six continents to share in that camaraderie on a truly global scale.”

In July and August, Gorilla Week Goes Global, a check-in challenge for members, caps off the first annual Gorilla Games. During Gorilla Week, all World Gym’s exercise classes are amped up to Beast Mode. That cycling class pushes members harder, that dance class pumps it a little extra and those HIIT classes burn just a few more calories. Participating gyms will provide prizes for winners.

World Gym is also launching a new social media campaign called, “Legends Made Here,” highlighting World Gym’s legacy of helping people unleash their inner legend. As part of the campaign, World Gym Anywhere is running a special $45 off promotion for annual memberships. World Gym Anywhere is the only on-demand training platform to feature the best World Gym coaches and instructors from around the globe and your local World Gym.

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