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World Gym Australia Elevates Member Experience with Pioneering AI Initiative: Coach Welly

Posted: November 17, 2023 in Chains

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AUSTRALIA – With an innovative approach towards increasing member engagement, iconic gym brand World Gym Australia has joined forces with the Australian health tech innovator Coach Welly. The alliance promises to personalize member experiences using AI, aimed at strengthening customer loyalty and satisfaction. This is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024.

Paul Bowman, CEO of Wexer and Chairman of Coach Welly, emphasizes the transformative potential of AI in enhancing member experiences and engagement across various sectors. He notes, “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to empowering individuals in their health and wellness journeys, leveraging cutting-edge AI for an unmatched fitness experience.”

Mike Nysten, Managing Director of World Gym Australia, shared his enthusiasm for this innovative partnership, stating “World Gym’s mission is to help our members to reach their goals with an intelligent and inclusive approach to fitness. We are excited to utilise the best available technology to better support ALL of our members. No other technology we have seen will enable us to engage with our members no matter where they are or what other technology or apps they are using.
This partnership is set to redefine the fitness landscape, with both Coach Welly and World Gym Australia placing a premium on advanced tech and customised member engagement experiences. This initiative ensures that fitness enthusiasts are equipped with unprecedented resources and support to fulfill their wellness aspirations.

Owen Bowling, CEO of Coach Welly, expresses his enthusiasm: “Our collaboration with World Gym Australia marks the debut of Coach Welly’s capabilities. Our platform will offer a pioneering approach to member experience through ai-driven interactions, gamification, custom rewards, and a comprehensive suite of fitness and wellness tools. World Gym Australia’s dedication to innovation and excellence makes them an ideal partner for our launch.”

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