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Retro Fitness Launches Nationwide Corporate Team Building Program Led by Veteran “Green Berets”

Posted: June 16, 2022 in Chains

Retro FitnessRetro Fitness

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Retro Fitness, one of the fastest growing health club franchises, announces the launch of its new Retro Fitness Team Building Program, created in partnership with United States Army Special Forces veterans, “Green Berets.” Developed to assist Human Resource departments rebuild their teams as businesses open back up and employees return to the office, the Team Building Program aims to establish a strong sense of collaboration, productivity, trust and respect among employees.

Green Berets, known for their extensive experience in developing and guiding cross-functional team training leadership programs, were the perfect partner to help Retro Fitness unveil their newest initiative, adding to the brand’s already extensive offerings. With excellent leadership proficiency and the ability to teach others how to thrive in high-stress, complex environments, these veterans will be able to reshape perspectives on problem-solving including what to think, how to think, and why.

“It has been extremely rewarding to create the Retro Fitness Team Building Program with the guidance and support of the combat veterans as we deliver a customizable and tiered program designed to challenge employees from companies, coast-to-coast, to become the best version of themselves,” said Todd Scartozzi, Chief Operating Officer of Retro Fitness. “We look forward to helping colleagues across various industries understand leadership, build a sense of connection, induce collaboration, and bring together teams that were previously in a Covid-style corporate diaspora.”

Retro Fitness will collaborate with Human Resource departments and executive leaders to customize the right program for each company that supports internal goals and makes it easy for teams to focus on what is important for success at any level of their career. Complimenting three major areas of focus for client wellness – physical training, nutrition, and mental health – the program will include the following:

  • Special Forces teamwork exercises;
  • Leadership assessments and reviews;
  • Customized keynotes to corporate KPI’s;
  • Working groups and practical workshops.

“As companies shift to returning to the office after nearly 3 years apart, “rebuilding” teams will be a critical path to success for companies vested in organic growth,” said Victor Bao, Chief Marketing Officer of Retro Fitness. “Our customized Team Building Program can help build, or rebuild, teams who work in high-stress, fast-paced environments to spur innovation, as well as equip teams with inclusive leadership training which provides an understanding of how employees from a variety of diverse backgrounds lead teams. This is key to setting companies apart, and it is all possible with the help of the Special Forces Team at Retro Fitness.”

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