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Orangetheory Fitness Debuts New Documentary “Momentum Shift”

Posted: October 23, 2019 in Chains

Orangetheory FitnessOrangetheory Fitness

LOS ANGELES, CA – Orangetheory Fitness has debuted its new documentary, “Momentum Shift,” at the iconic DGA Theater in Los Angeles. The film spotlights Orangetheory Fitness Founder, Ellen Latham, weaving her inspiring story with those of Coach Joe Oniwor and member Kristen Ritchotte to showcase how, with a shift in perspective and the power of believing in yourself, anyone can achieve More Life.

The brand is eager to share its belief in momentum shifting up — what can happen when you focus on what you do have and not what you don’t — with the exceptional stories of its founder, coaches and members. Throughout the film, Ellen Latham speaks of the electrifying and sometimes difficult path that ultimately led to the creation of Orangetheory Fitness. Her journey is paralleled with stories of those whose lives have been greatly impacted by the brand, touching on everything from rediscovering one’s identity after a life-altering event to regaining mental, emotional and physical confidence both in and out of the studio. What begins as a simple step toward well-being by taking an Orangetheory Fitness class often transforms into a newfound dedication, love and respect for oneself and others.

“When I developed what would eventually become Orangetheory Fitness, my mission was simple: to give everyone who walked into my studio the tools to accomplish their goals,” says Ellen Latham. “I could not be prouder that what Orangetheory Fitness offers in-studio every single day has manifested greatness in other aspects of our members’ lives. It really is true that spending just one hour inside the studio with us helps members live more vibrantly the other 23 hours of their day.”

As a part of the rollout, “Momentum Shift” will be screening near Orangetheory locations across the country and will be entering the film circuit over the next year. The film will also be available on a streaming service at a later date.

Kevin Keith, Chief Brand Officer at Orangetheory, says: “With this documentary, Orangetheory had the rare opportunity to work with Emmy Award-winning Director Kristi Jacobson and tell legitimate, powerful stories, which is why the film was a natural next step for the brand. To be able to tell a meaningful story about transforming lives and, ultimately, leaving the world a better place is the driving motivation for us all. We’ve been in the storytelling space for some time on our owned channels, but to be able to dive into a much more intimate project in this space — and one that gave our members the ability and platform to share the brand’s impact with friends and family — was really special.”

As the leader in heart rate interval training and one of the world’s fastest-growing fitness franchise brands, Orangetheory Fitness provides its members with more energy, more drive and more health through a unique trifecta of science, coaching and technology. Each Orangetheory Fitness class, taught by a highly trained coach, is an hour-long, science-backed, technology-tracked, full-body workout that helps members elevate their heart rate to the “Orange Zone,” which is 84-91 percent of their maximum heart rate.

Each Orangetheory Fitness studio has treadmills, water rowing machines, mini bands and TRX® suspension unit systems as well as plenty of free weights and benches. Coaches conduct personalized group sessions designed for 24 participants at a time, an approach complemented by technology advancements. Through its game-changing technology, Orangetheory Fitness advances its mission by giving members even better tools to capture real-time performance data, measure their overall workout results and set new goals.

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