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Gold’s Gym Names Restorative Fitness 2020’s Top Fitness Trend

Posted: December 2, 2019 in Chains

Gold's GymGold’s Gym

DALLAS, TX – Gold’s Gym, a trusted fitness authority since 1965, has identified restorative fitness as the top fitness trend for 2020 that will shape how America works out in the next year.

Restorative fitness will bring a welcome balance to gymgoers who dove headfirst into 2019’s HIIT (high-intensity interval training) trend and are currently experiencing burnout and overtraining injuries. Restorative fitness centers on the idea that the body goes through a cycle of stress and recovery, and high-intensity workouts aren’t effective when the body is stressed, as from an intense workout. New data suggests that varying workout intensity to include low, moderate and high, rather than aiming for maximum effort every time, makes all exercise more effective.

Using heart rate variability (HRV), which is the time between heartbeats, and elements such as sleep, nutrition and physical exertion, people can determine where they are in the recovery cycle and what level of workout will most benefit their body. Wearables that can now combine HRV and other recovery variables to calculate a “recovery score” will let users know at a glance what type of workout they should do.

Lower-intensity yoga and Pilates classes will aid in a restorative regimen. They can be combined with recovery techniques including cryotherapy, sauna, compression and percussion therapy to prepare the body for a more intense workout.

Because eating the right foods at the right times aids the recovery cycle, gyms will begin specifically addressing nutrition. Dedicated professional nutrition counseling, meal plans, cooking classes, nutrition seminars and even on-site meal prep will become more common.

“Gold’s Gym continues to focus on changes people can make to help them become stronger and better versions of themselves. In 2020, that means finding more balance between recovery and intensity, which is why we are naming restorative fitness the year’s top trend,” said Gold’s Gym President and CEO Adam Zeitsiff. “The evolution of wearables means people are more able than ever to determine where they are in the recovery cycle. Then they can maximize the benefits of each workout to reach their goals quicker and maintain their overall wellness.”

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