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Crunch Fitness Spikes Lead Generation During Historically Slower Months

Posted: February 9, 2021 in Chains

Crunch FitnessCrunch Fitness

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Six participating Crunch Franchisees, representing 83 Crunch clubs out of the company’s worldwide portfolio of 350+, saw incredible success with their Tesla Giveaway campaign that launched November 1 to spike lead generation during historically slower months. The winner, Catherine L, was a Founding Member at the Crunch Land O Lakes, Florida location and chose the $42,000 cash prize, which she plans to donate a portion to charity, her church and her family. Watch the heartfelt reaction video via the link below.

Please see more information provided below regarding the campaign highlights, participating franchisees and contest rules and let me know if there is any more information I can provide or if you would like to set up an interview with Christian Dyer, the marketing director of CR Fitness, to further discuss this successful lead generation campaign.

Images and Video:

Campaign Highlights:

  • 60 day promotion with $600 buy-in per club to ensure all costs are covered with the prize options of $35K Tesla Model 3 + $7K towards taxes or $42,000 cash prize (winner makes the choice);
  • 77,000 total leads generated (36K walk-ins, 29K web leads, 12K other);
  • 25% of web leads redeemed their pass in-club;
  • 62% of web lead visitors became members;
  • 15% of total web leads joined;
  • 1,275,142 total entries generated.

Participating Franchisees & Marketing Directors:

  • Christian Dyer, CR Fitness Holdings LLC;
  • Hiba Jawad, Fitness ventures LLC;
  • Henry English, J.F. Fitness of North America LLC;
  • Stephanie Mccolley, Undefeated Tribe Operating Company LLC;
  • Greg Chan, Canada – Various LLC;
  • Ruben Ayala.

Contest Rules:

  • Member: Any member’s first check-in between Nov 1 – Dec 31 = 5 Entries;
  • Prospect: Register for a guest pass = 1 entry;
  • Prospect: Redeem pass in club = 1 entry;
  • Become a member = 3 entries;
  • *All entrants limited to a maximum of 5 entries.

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