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Blink Fitness Launches Don’t Worry, Gym Happy! Campaign

Posted: January 5, 2021 in Chains

Blink FitnessBlink Fitness

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Blink Fitness has announced Worry-Free Benefits, a program allowing current and new members the ease of freezing, unfreezing or cancelling their membership online, in addition to in-gym. To make the road to inner fitness easier than ever, all members can now request to freeze, unfreeze, and cancel their memberships in a matter of minutes, from anywhere. And, members now have the convenience of freezing and unfreezing their membership based on their needs. Blink also makes it easy for new members to start their fitness journey with more than 100 locations nationwide and joining costs at $1. Leaving a complex year behind, Blink is committed to continuing with its member-first mentality and easy membership management in 2021.

Blink is continually looking for opportunities to improve the member experience and ensure the mood-lifting benefits of exercise are felt by all, especially during a time of heightened stress and uncertainty. In addition to flexible membership management, members have access to 500+ FREE on-demand video workouts with their app, and live workout classes. Blink has also implemented new Virtual Personal Training, to streamline and simplify each member’s fitness journey both in the gym and online.

Blink remains committed to member safety with elevated cleaning standards that include using EPA-registered disinfectant chemicals qualified for use against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Blink gyms are also reconfigured to ensure social distancing between machines and members.

“At Blink Fitness, we’re committed to providing a premium experience for our members,” said Blink Fitness CEO, Todd Magazine. “The past year has been challenging for many, and as we look ahead to 2021 we are happy to offer benefits that create an easy, accessible membership experience for all.”

*Terms and conditions apply to Blink’s online freeze, unfreeze and cancellation policies. Blink reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify, extend, or change its freeze, unfreeze and cancellation forms and policies.

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