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Technogym to Host the 12th Annual Global Wellness Summit

Posted: October 24, 2017 in Suppliers

Technogym: The Wellness CompanyTechnogym: The Wellness Company

PALM BEACH, FL – The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the annual event focused on the $3.7 trillion global wellness economy, wrapped up its successful 3-day Summit earlier this month at The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL. The event, which attracted a record 600+ health and wellness leaders from 43 countries, included an inspirational “Wellness Moonshot,” a call-to-action to rid the world of preventable diseases.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil and Weight Watchers’ CEO Mindy Grossman were just some of the luminaries that voiced their strong support for this massive, yet urgently needed, goal.

At the close of the event, Susie Ellis, Chairman & CEO of the Global Wellness Summit, announced that Technogym, a world-leading company specializing in technologies for fitness, wellness and health, will be the 2018 host sponsor.

Before the word ‘wellness’ permeated the lexicon, Nerio Alessandri, who founded the company in 1983 after building a prototype of his now globally famous fitness equipment in his garage, dubbed Technogym a “wellness company” in the early 90s. Alessandri’s innovative and integrative approach to the business of wellness, including his insights on technology and the building of a successful, publicly-traded company, will drive the dialogue and agenda of the 2018 Summit, as will the unique location in the heart of Italy’s “Wellness Valley.”

Delegates will have rare access to a company steeped in wellness – from the products it produces to the environment it has created for its employees and surrounding community to its mission to inspire the world with wellness innovations.

Located in Cesena, Italy, a small town between the Adriatic coast and the hills of Emilia Romagna, the 2012 Technogym Village opening celebration was attended by former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Italy’s then-President Giorgio Napolitano, as well as numerous global opinion leaders in fitness, sport and health.

The 37-acre campus was designed from the ground up to inspire and encourage the wellness lifestyle – not only in terms of physical fitness, but also with a focus on environmental sustainability, architectural wellness and even mental well-being through the beauty of art, music and fashion – and is home to an expansive research and education center, state-of-the-art gym, the Technogym factory, and farm-to-table restaurants.

“When it comes to the Technogym campus, ‘seeing is believing,’” said Ellis. “High design and high tech mashes with a forward-thinking management style that is awe-inspiring – as is Technogym’s support of the ‘Wellness Valley’ and the impact its Wellness Foundation has made throughout the world.”

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