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SportsArt Expands Energy Producing Equipment ECO-POWR, Adds Elite Series

Posted: February 17, 2021 in Suppliers

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SEATTLE, WA – SportsArt, a green fitness brand that develops sustainable gym equipment, introduces an addition to its energy producing ECO-POWR line, the ECO-POWR Elite Series. This new series has the same build quality and ECO-POWR technology as the original Status Line, while designed to be more compact to accommodate smaller fitness spaces like those seen in boutique gyms, hotels and multi-family housing.

The ECO-POWR Elite Series’ compact design accommodates smaller fitness centers and the user-friendly consoles provide a streamlined approach to an engaging workout regardless of familiarity. Additionally, the series integrates SportsArt’s patented ECO-POWR technology, which captures human exertion and converts it into utility grade electricity to help power other items on the grid and offset carbon emissions. The Elite Series has the potential to capture up to 74% of user-generated energy and convert it into renewable electricity – this unique technology benefits the planet and provides a new layer of meaningfulness to breaking a sweat.

The following SportsArt equipment, featuring ECO-POWR technology, make up the Elite Series:

  • G660 Treadmill: features unique non-motorized technology, a durable slatted belt, and a smart braking system that delivers an intuitive and effective workout experience;
  • G874 Elliptical: delivers low-impact, high-efficiency workout that includes electronically adjustable stride length, fingertip controls and intuitive workout programming;
  • G874U Upright Cycle: has low-profile shroud design for ease-of-access, vertically and horizontally adjustable seat and fingertip resistance controls;
  • G874R Recumbent Cycle: includes an easy-step through design for ease-of-access, adjustable seat and seat back along with fingertip resistance controls;

“SportsArt is excited to expand our existing ECO-POWR Line and bring more accessible equipment to our customers,” said Ruben Mejia, Executive Vice President of SportsArt. “We’re constantly working on new and innovative ways to offer our technology to larger markets and provide more opportunity for energy production. Our technology is revolutionary, and by creating different equipment such as the Elite Series, we are hoping to help industries expand their green fitness initiatives and further our mission of reducing carbon footprints globally.”

SportsArt pioneered the sustainable fitness movement through its ECO-POWR technology and line, and is focused on bringing smart, cutting-edge technologies that harness the power of human movement to additional markets and provide opportunities to change the world – one workout at a time.

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