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HealthPartners Expands Wellbeing Program to Include Wellbeats

Posted: November 1, 2019 in Suppliers

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – HealthPartners is expanding its wellbeing programs by offering Wellbeats, on-demand, virtual fitness classes. Wellbeats, a Minnesota company, combines exclusive content and technology to create an easy to use, personalized fitness experience that eliminates top barriers to working out.

Wellbeats offers hundreds of classes, fitness assessments and challenges online or through an Android or iOS app at schools, the U.S. military, and other organizations.

“Wellbeats meets the desire among many consumers, especially millennials, who want the convenience, affordability and choice that digital fitness programs offer,” said Scott Aebischer, HealthPartners senior vice president of customer service and product innovation. “The addition of virtual fitness programs makes working out easier and that helps achieve our mission to improve the health.”

The benefits of Wellbeats virtual fitness sessions include:

  • 450+ high quality, 1-60 minute videos;
  • 29 channels, no equipment options, for every age, interest and ability;
  • Goal-based challenges and fitness assessments;
  • Highly certified, relatable, motivating instructors;
  • Safe and education-based programming;
  • Ability to track and measure progress;
  • In-app messaging inspire and motivate activity.

Wellbeats will be available beginning January 1, 2020 to all HealthPartners fully-insured individual and small group plans in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It will also be available to fully and self-insured large companies who have HealthPartners Health and Wellbeing packages.

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