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ClubReady Adopts a Progressive Structure to Meet the Needs of the Fitness Industry

Posted: April 2, 2019 in Suppliers

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ST. LOUIS, MO – ClubReady announces a new structure and commitment to service and customer experience in the fitness industry.

With rapid growth over the last 10 years, the fitness industry shows no signs of slowing down. As fitness studios work to meet the experience demands of their members, these same studios are raising the bar of service expectations with their partners. To succeed as a SaaS company in the fitness industry, organizations must emphasize the “service” component of software-as-a-service.

ClubReady has kept pace with the industry and seen tremendous growth over the last few years, supporting some of the most important brands in the industry. To meet the service needs and expectations of the fitness business of the future, ClubReady is adopting a new service-oriented structure. This customer-centric operations department will focus on the entire lifecycle of a ClubReady client. From implementation through onboarding, training, support and even future technology projects, it will ensure that customers receive industry-leading service that exceeds expectations at every step and drives their individual success. Leading this mission as the vice president of operations will be Melissa Knowles.

“We are fortunate to have Melissa take on the Vice President of Operations role at ClubReady. She has an unparalleled track record of success building businesses in the fitness industry,” said ClubReady President Darol Lain. “Working closely with her this past year has convinced me there isn’t a better person to lead ClubReady through our next stage of rapid growth.”
With nearly two decades in the fitness space, Melissa has led a number of industry-forward initiatives focused on preparing studios for the future of the member experience. “I’m beyond excited to take on this opportunity. It’s been wonderful leading our GYM HQ team for the past five years and it’s really helped me intimately understand the needs of our clients,” says Melissa. “We’re here to serve as success partners as clients grow their businesses and I look forward to helping ensure ClubReady rises to that challenge. This industry is what I know and love, and I have a great team next to me to take us into the future.”

As the future of the fitness industry continues to center on the member experience, ClubReady is committed to providing the technology, services and support required to exceed the expectations of fitness studios and their members. This new service-oriented structure is just one more example of this commitment to customers and the member experience.

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