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March 2017 Cover Story Preview: Club Northwest – For the LOVE of It

Posted: March 7, 2017 in Other News

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The Club Northwest TeamThe Club Northwest Team

The manifestation of love is a beautiful thing. It is sometimes one of those things that can be hard to explain, yet, you know exactly what it looks like when you see it. It creates a warmth inside. It can motivate. It can be a reason for doing something as well as the end result. When you experience it, you want to share it. Even if you don’t have it, you can still give it to others. Love is the fuel of purpose to create something better.

At Club Northwest, love has become as powerful as currency. As a mission, love has created their higher purpose. That purpose has served to motivate and inspire. Over 20 years, that has fueled growth of a facility that is not your typical and health and fitness club offering. It has become something much more for the community of Grants Pass, Oregon.

Scott Draper, Founder and General Manager of Club Northwest, is the leader of this congregation of sorts. Through Club Northwest’s Serriors, Warrior Servants in Wellness, the manifestation of love has become clear in many ways. So, I welcome you to read on as Scott eloquently discusses this emotion and its power to do good.

Read all about it in the upcoming March 2017 Edition of Club Insider!

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