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January 2016 Cover Story Preview: Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center – Where You Matter Most

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Other News

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Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness CenterBaptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were great and the New Year’s rush is going even better. Let’s dive right into the January 2016 Edition of Club Insider. This month, our cover story features a very interesting story out of Louisville, Kentucky: Baptist Health/Milestone Wellnesss Center, led by President Diane Kelton.

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to visit the 70,000 square-foot facility, and I saw and learned some very fascinating things. When writing cover stories, I usually try to bring across one or two key themes that truly defines the subject being featured. This focuses the interviews and the writing of the story. It also allows the reader to rapidly learn the key points that should be taken away from a given story. This month, that will not be the case as Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center truly excels at three major components that, in and of themselves, would normally define a facility.

To that end, this month, you will also notice a slightly modified format for the cover story interview, as I had the opportunity to conduct a primary group interview with four key team members in a group discussion about key components that define their organization, followed up by several individual interviews.

In the first group format interview, you will hear from Diane Kelton, President; Lisa Groft and Maria Bernard, both Personal Training Co-Directors; and Jeff Howard, a nationally known trainer having appeared on CNN, ABC, The View and Oprah and who has been instrumental in developing many of Milestone’s signature classes.

Following the group interview, Priscilla DeSpain, Membership Concierge, conducted one of the most extensive club tours I have experienced. I learned the ins and outs of the organization’s philosophies and nuances one would only subconsciously pick up on unless told otherwise. But, as a whole, all of those things make the difference at Milestone.

Finally, following the tour, I met individually with Diane Kelton and then Chuck Bent, Director of the HMR Program. Having lost 100 pounds on the program he now oversees at Milestone, Chuck is an inspiration full of energy and vigor, and helping others achieve those same results has become his life’s work. And, interestingly enough, both Diane and Chuck, as well as some other staff members I met, were all members of the club before ever coming on as staff members. And now, they are the leaders of the organization.

The story of Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center is one that will make you feel good about what you are doing to help others within our incredibly great industry. But, more than that, Milestone is a great example to learn from as facilities across our nation learn and adapt to truly become the solution to so many health care issues moving forward. Happy New Year! Make it a great and FUN one!

Read all about it in the upcoming January 2016 Edition of Club Insider!

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