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47 Representatives Urge Speaker Pelosi to Provide Relief for Gyms

Posted: September 3, 2021 in IHRSA

IHRSA AdvocateIHRSA Advocate

BOSTON, MA – On September 2, 2021, Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL), the lead GYMS Act sponsor and champion in the House of Representatives, along with 46 other Democrats in the House, sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to include relief for gyms in the upcoming reconciliation bill. This letter will not only get the attention of the leadership it is directed to, it provides an opportunity to generate press coverage on must-read publications in D.C.

This letter is only the latest push by #GYMSAct supporters in the House and the Senate to provide financial support for gyms in reconciliation. Right now, lawmakers are writing the budget reconciliation bill, even though experts don’t expect the House and Senate to vote on the bill until late September. Which will be here before we know it!

We need to support our champions, like Representative Quigley and Senator Duckworth, who are fighting for us!

Below are three ways you can tell your members of Congress that the GYMS Act must be included in the budget reconciliation bill!

  1. 1. Participate in our 1-click campaign.
  2. 2. Post this flyer in your club! Print out this QR code flyer and share it with staff and members to get everyone involved in ensuring health and fitness facilities don’t get left behind.
  3. 3. Share these campaigns on social, in email, everywhere, as much as possible! Anyone can take action on behalf of health and fitness facilities.

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You can make a difference! We have got Washington’s attention. Now we have to demand they support the fitness industry and improve the health of all Americans.

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