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Snap Fitness ‘What’s Your Fit?’ Campaign Inspires Communities to Reach Fitness Goals

Posted: August 1, 2017 in Chains

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Snap FitnessSnap Fitness

CHANHASSEN, MN – Snap Fitness, one of the world’s premier 24/7 fitness brands, announces the launch of their anticipated national campaign, ‘What’s Your Fit?’.

News of this campaign reflects the brand’s commitment and expertise to inspire communities and encourage individuals to reach their unique fitness goals in a supportive and results-driven culture.

Each month, Snap Fitness will feature four new Fit Focus workouts that correlates with that month’s theme. Expert trainers created these workouts, designing each so everyone can try new exercises and discover their fit.

As part of ‘What’s Your Fit?’, clubs across the country will participate in hosting Free Fit Saturday. Every second Saturday of the month, clubs will be open to anyone looking to try the Fit Focus workout of the month.

“What’s special about this campaign is the amazing opportunity we’re providing communities to be part of a healthy, supportive culture. We’ve also created great workouts, designed for all fitness levels and are proud to offer them for free. We’re confident people will love them, add them to their routine and help individuals reach their goals,” says Peter Taunton, founder of Snap Fitness and CEO of Lift Brands.”

‘What’s Your Fit?’ emphasizes Snap Fitness’ health-minded culture, supportive community that helps individuals reach goals and find their fit. The brand became an industry leader through a dedicated approach to offer members more value than other health clubs and What’s Your Fit?’ exemplifies this commitment.

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