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Power Wellness Safely Surpasses One Million Medical Fitness Center Visits

Posted: December 23, 2020 in Chains

Power WellnessPower Wellness

LOMBARD, IL – Collectively across 29 locations nationwide, Power Wellness has managed over one million visits since reopening their first client’s location in May 2020. As a result of strictly enforced safety protocols, the reported COVID-19 positive reports from staff and members have been below 0.05%, and generally identified as arising from external contacts. Ongoing independent research is demonstrably indicating that fitness centers are less likely to spread COVID-19 than other retail service industries.

  • “While data are still emerging, this particular study does not support the assertion that fitness centers are a high-risk location for COVID-19 spread. In fact, this study found no statistically significant relationship between a COVID-19 test result and reported visits to a fitness center.”(1)
  • “A U.S. industry survey conducted by MXM, consisting of 2,877 health and fitness clubs, reports a mere 1,155 COVID-19 cases out of 49.4 million check-ins as of August 7. These findings break down to an occurrence rate of 0.002%.”(2)

Power Wellness managed centers follow enhanced health and safety protocols, informed by infection control and clinicians, typically beyond what is mandated by local public health authorities. In addition, technology in place at most managed centers accurately track arrival and departure times of every customer to ensure capacity requirements are strictly enforced and contact tracing can effectively be deployed, if necessary:

  • “We’re proud of the hard work our associates have done and continue to do to keep members safe throughout the pandemic. We remain both flexible and diligent and look forward to playing a positive role as the pandemic eases with vaccine rollouts,” said Ken Gorman, CEO of Power Wellness.

As mitigation restrictions are alleviated, Power Wellness will resume providing their full range of services including prescriptive fitness, special population nutritional counseling and wellness coaching programs.


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