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Robert “Bob” Fitzgerald Passes Away

Posted: June 4, 2019 in Other News

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Robert W. Fitzgerald, Age 77, passed away on May 7, 2019. He was preceded in death by his amazing wife, Jane L. Fitzgerald. He was the father of John (Agnese) Fitzgerald, Kevin Fitzgerald, Robert (Kathy) Fitzgerald and Julie (John) Nimesheim. He was the grandfather of ten. Services and interment private.

John McCarthy, IHRSA’s Executive Director, Executive Director Emeritus, had this to say about our friend, Bob Fitzgerald:

Bob was a warm and friendly man whom everyone liked. In business, he was focused on opportunities rather than on threats. As a boss, his focus was on building a person’s strengths rather than on correcting their weakness. On a personal level, he had a unique gift to lead from the heart as much as from the head… This was what made everyone around him so comfortable with his ideas and suggestions.

At IHRSA, I had the privilege to have him as my boss for one memorable and unforgettable year, which led to 35 years of respect and friendship. For me, as for many others, Bob was, and will always be remembered, as a person who knew how to bring out the best in everyone who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing him and working with him.

John McCarthy

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