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November 2016 Cover Story Preview: Executive Health and Sports Center – Showing Members Their Health is Their Wealth

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Other News

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Executive Health and Sports CenterExecutive Health and Sports Center

What does your health mean to you? Without it, would you be able to do the things you do or accomplish the goals you have set in life? Or, conversely, you are healthy; how would you feel and what would you do if a family member were not healthy? What if it was self-inflicted? Our industry knows all too well how important these questions are in a member’s life. We know our industry can offer the solution to so many woes of a society that, by and large, is unhealthy and doing it to itself. But, is anyone noticing?

Given the health and fitness club industry’s still-stagnant penetration rate, how many operators truly attempt to do something about a problem we all know exists beyond opening the doors of a new facility? Many have postulated that the needle could truly swing if a deeper-rooted goal were the foundation for all in this incredibly well-positioned industry. Yes, the best intentions and a set goal, albeit maybe not the right one, are present on Day One for the vast majority of those beginning a new health and fitness business venture. But, naturally, and many times uncontrollably, the daily grind takes its toll, and eventually, the reason for being feels like it is simply to feed the machine. It was supposed to be so much more; it can be so much more.

At Executive Health and Sports Center, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, there are some truly exciting things occurring that go simply beyond open doors and the monotony of a daily routine that keeps them open. Ingrained in the very fiber of the company’s existence is the belief that, “Your Health is Your Wealth.” This speaks to the idea that, in addition to a purpose in life, one’s health is the fuel that can will it into existence. In most cases, and barring natural illnesses, a healthy person can accomplish more in the time they have been given; they will be happier in that time; and they can affect the next generation by instilling their way of life on their inheritors.

This belief, coupled with technology in a new platform called Genavix, and mixed with the sociopolitical climate to affect change, Michael Benton and his sons, Justin and Josh, are doing just that in New England. Their model is serving their local community and expanding outward among other health and fitness club facilities, employers and health insurers themselves. It’s a triad of stakeholders that is likely to be one of the most important in the 21st century, and communities across the United States are primed for similar change and results.

Read all about it in the upcoming November 2016 Edition of Club Insider!

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