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TG The Gym San Diego Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Posted: September 2, 2020 in Independents

TG The Gym OwnersTG The Gym Owners

SAN DIEGO, CA – TG The Gym San Diego celebrates 35 years as an owner-operated and independent gym. TG The Gym has been home to best fitness training for 35 years, offering men and women all across the community the opportunity to challenge their bodies and build strength every day.

“We are fortunate and excited to continue to serve our members everyday, with the same passion and excitement we had 35 years ago,” said George Jackson.

“We are also excited to announce the opening two more locations: TG Chula Vista, CA and TG Apple Valley, CA,” continued Jackson.

TG The Gym will continue to promote the fact that a good immune system is the first and most important element in the defense of this Covid–19 virus. Daily vigorous exercise, a healthy well-balanced diet, proper amount of sleep, Vitamin D (get in sun and outdoors) and managing stress are the main ingredients to maintaining a good immune system.

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