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2014 In Review
By: Justin Cates

Justin CatesJustin CatesJust as the leftovers from this year's Thanksgiving feast are running low, we are gearing up for the holiday season and even more feasting. With all these delicious temptations on the table, it is hard for even the most disciplined to keep fully fit and trim this time of year! But, before we give ourselves more reasons to get those extra workouts in, let's close out the year with Club Insider's "2014 In Review!" Read More

A Club Insider Flashback
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesClub Insider published Parts I and II of this Flashback In Time Series in our October and November Editions to celebrate Club Insider's 250th Monthly Edition (our October edition). This writing will review several years. I've decided to take my time and do a few years every month until we've Flashed Back in time and reviewed all past editions. So, here we go! Read More

Strategic Moves for Success in 2015
By: Deneen Laprade

Deneen LapradeDeneen LapradeThe health and fitness industry has reached a level of maturity that, for the first time, enables owners and operators to truly focus on improving and perfecting what happens in their clubs and studios. For decades, fitness as a concept, a product and a practice was growing and developing into the rich industry it has become. Read More

Sales Preparation For The New Year
By: Casey Conrad

Casey ConradCasey ConradJanuary is the time of year salespeople look forward to because of the high volume of "easy" sales walking through the club doors. Let's face it; for those who work hard through the slower summer months, New Year's is the payoff, bringing with it prospects who need little or no persuasion to join. It may surprise you then when I say New Years can also be a very dangerous time for salespeople because it creates an environment where selling skills lose their sharpness. This happens because of eager-to-buy prospects but also because the volume of traffic results in sales numbers being met even if closing percentages go down. Reduced closing percentages often happen because salespeople are rushed through the qualifying and touring process due to waiting prospects. Read More

Three Tools to Increase Results, Retention and Non-Dues Revenue Programming
By: Karen Woodard-Chavez

Karen Woodard-ChavezKaren Woodard-ChavezAs you wrap up another successful year and take a breath before the start of the next year, it is wise to make sure you have all your systems in place for success. When it comes to program planning for non-dues revenue, I see that most tend to be reactive rather than proactive. When you think about this aspect of your business that has such a HUGE impact on what I refer to as the Indispensable Three --Results, Retention and Revenue-- why would you react and lose ground when you can plan and gain ground? Read More

Energize Member Sales and Retention With a Money Back Guarantee
By: Joe Imbrogno

Joe ImbrognoJoe ImbrognoTwo weeks ago, my "new customer promo rate" with my home Cable and Internet service with my current provider was coming to an end and my bill was set to increase by $60 per month. Yes, the same service for a higher price. Obviously I wasn't having that. Read More

Take Charge: Building a Credible Referral Network
By: Robin Schuette

Robin SchuetteRobin SchuetteWith the current digital revolution and the evolving healthcare transformation, how do you even begin to make an impact with the chronic disease population? I had the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges and issues in developing referrals through thought leadership at the Club Industry Show in October and wanted to share how to expand your club's market. With 1 out of 2 individuals in the United States having a chronic disease condition, there is great potential. To paraphrase the artist Georgia O'Keeffe: The goal is to make your unknown known. Read More

Cutting The Fat On Cancer
By: Helen Durkin

Helen DurkinHelen DurkinFat cells aren't docile storage vessels of fuel. They can be insidious, secreting hormones and other substances that can wreak havoc on our health. In fact, the link between excess abdominal fat --specifically, the visceral fat that surrounds our vital organs-- and illnesses like diabetes and heart disease is well documented and widely publicized. Read More

So, You Want to Bring in a Private Equity Partner?
By: Mike Manning

Mike ManningMike ManningI have one half-joking question for you, "Have you lost your mind?" Actually, there are a couple of very good reasons to consider doing an equity transaction. If you have a market-changing concept and want to grow faster than profits and bank loans will allow, it might make sense to consider an equity transaction. Also, many business owners wind up with a high percentage of their net worth tied up in the company. An equity deal can help founders partially cash out and diversify their wealth while staying involved in the business. In my career, I've been directly involved with two equity transactions and have spent many hours studying and discussing other transactions with both investors and investees. Read More

Programming For The "Fun Of It!"
Breathe New Life Into Your Current Programs

By: Laurie Cingle

Laurie CingleLaurie CingleBusy club staff often lack the bandwidth to continuously design and implement new programs. Here are ideas to breathe new life into your current programs. Read More

Insiders Speak About John McCarthy
Publisher's Note: Last month, we presented comments from seven industry veterans about John McCarthy that appeared with his special Cover Story, celebrating Penton's Club Industry Lifetime Achievement Award presented to John on October 23rd in Chicago. Read More

New Business Management Course Helps Health and Fitness Professionals Master Competencies of a Supervisor or Manager
DALLAS, TX - A new online course created to help health and fitness professionals improve the competencies necessary of a supervisor or manager has been released through a cooperative effort between the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the largest health and fitness certification, education and training provider in the world, and Club Industry Consulting, a private consulting firm owned by 35-year veteran Stephen Tharrett. Read More

Growing A Fitness Club, 24/7
DALLAS, TX - Finally, a powerful resource and learning tool that removes the roadblocks for a club owner who simply can't find the time for classroom training or onsite consulting. Recently launched as part of the ever-expanding Fitness Management & Consulting, Jim Thomas On Demand delivers an accessible online training platform for club owners seeking to improve their membership sales and even turn around their clubs. Read More

Norm's Notes for December 2014
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher Since 1993 checking in with our 252nd monthly edition! We wish you all the very best Happy-Healthy Holidays and a fantastic and profitable New Year! Read More

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