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Robin Schuette is the Co-owner of MedFit Partners, Inc. and oversees management, operations and integrated communications. Recently, the company earned a Healthiest Employer Award in Western Pennsylvania on behalf of its wellness program designed for a 12-year management client. Her 20-year career with the medical fitness industry includes serving as Executive Director of the Medical Fitness Association and working with John P. Greene, Founder, to develop its initial benchmark studies for the industry and a national conference and trade show.

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Develop A Cultural Shift in Employee Wellness
July 2014 - Given that there are more than 8,000 vendors serving the corporate wellness market, how do you begin to differentiate your services? In reading a recent article in Modern Healthcare (May 26 issue), I was interested to learn that, of the 8,000, four companies account for less than 15% of market share. This leaves plenty of opportunity for other wellness providers, including your business to partner with small, medium-sized local organizations. However, the article didn't even mention companies like Virgin Pulse, which has 200 international clients with 1 million participants, so product differentiation is key. Read Article...

Digital Housekeeping For Your Business
June 2015 - Digital, digital, digital. If you're wearing an exercise tracker, welcome to the new world. I am curious how many FitBit users input additional data and manage it. For fitness owners and leaders who are also technology geeks, this is second nature. But, for most exercisers, or those just starting to exercise, digital tools may not be that useful to reach actual goals. Read Article...

Exercise is Medicine
Brain Challenge and Healthy Lifestyle Counter Cognitive Decline

October 2016 - There's a healthcare crisis in our country that is the sixth leading cause of death and affects 5.5 million people. It has no treatment, no cure and cannot be prevented. It's Alzheimer's. This disease, along with dementias caused by stroke, Parkinson's or other conditions are increasingly a burden for those affected and for those caring for them. The are sobering facts; however, a bit of good news in this area was recently highlighted at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) last month. Research findings show that a healthy lifestyle plus maintaining social ties, challenging your brain and learning new things are the best ways to preserve cognition. Read Article...

Fitness Futures and Healthcare Delivery Services Resolve to Expand Your Market This Year
February 2014 - Your customers' resolutions may not have made it to the end of January, but how about your own business goals? Now that you've gotten through the January rush, how many of your strategies are on track to make business better this year? Fine-tuning your programs and communications tactics can better position your club as a part of the new healthcare delivery model. Read Article...

Send a Message: Causes and Community
September 2014 - As I'm writing this on September 2, 2014, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has raised millions of dollars. No doubt that number will rise even more as individual videos continue to go viral on social media. Since July 29, the organization has garnered 2.1 million new donors in its efforts to strike out Lou Gehrig's disease. This is a fabulous communications success story continuing to play out months later on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. While it's not easy to predict what will go viral, it is easy to connect your mission to your community by sending a consistent message. To create a true win-win event-based marketing success, it's also important to leverage all communication channels, both traditional and digital. Read Article...

Take Charge
Physician Referrals and Self-Referrals

April 2014 - You've heard this before: Ask your doctor about... Usually that phrase is followed by the name of a new drug promoted by a pharmaceutical manufacturer. These ads are effective, no doubt because of how much big pharma spends on marketing. Read Article...

Take Charge: Building a Credible Referral Network
December 2014 - With the current digital revolution and the evolving healthcare transformation, how do you even begin to make an impact with the chronic disease population? I had the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges and issues in developing referrals through thought leadership at the Club Industry Show in October and wanted to share how to expand your club's market. With 1 out of 2 individuals in the United States having a chronic disease condition, there is great potential. To paraphrase the artist Georgia O'Keeffe: The goal is to make your unknown known. Read Article...

Why Country Squires are Important for Your Marketing Success
November 2015 - Country Squires, Big Fish, Small Pond or Upward Bound. Are any of these lifestyle clusters represented in your market? Here's why you may want to know more about Prizm segments from Nielsen to discover the types of households with your best customers. Read Article...

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