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2021 In Review
By: Justin Cates

Justin CatesJustin CatesThis time last year, I wrote the 2020 version of this yearly cover story. Compared to how slow 2020 seemed to proceed, this year flew by. I cannot believe my Thanksgiving Turkey is already a thing of the past, and I am gearing up to cook one for Christmas! I am thankful this year was not last year. But, I am also cautious not to lose sight of the past, and again, get caught in the incessant nature of daily life. As I recently wrote, it is important to take time (literally schedule it) to slow down, reflect on experiences and lessons, and reload and repurpose yourself with a new set of goals and challenges. Read More

50+ Year Industry Veteran, Chuck Leve, Passes Away
Publisher's Note: We were very sad to hear about the passing of Chuck Leve. Beyond the list of achievements about to be presented, he was a good and decent man. In my dealings with him, he always had a kind smile and kinder word: to me, to my family, to Club Insider. What follows is FBA's announcement about the passing of Chuck. Additionally, I reached out to those who worked with him for a majority of his career, his years at IHRSA: Norm Cates (Co-Founder, 1st President), Rick Caro (Co-Founder, 2nd President) and John McCarthy (25-Year Executive Director Emeritus). Read More

Design Secrets for Management, Staff and Member Magic
By: Bruce Carter

Bruce CarterBruce CarterMagic happens in a business environment when all parties involved are finding that their expectations are being met and then even exceeded, yet it is synergistic in nature. If one group is finding their expectations are being met, but the other two aren't, then there is no magic and no optimal potential being achieved. There are a number of key design attributes that can greatly help in creating a winning environment for management, staff and members. Some may seem so obvious that they are often overlooked, minimizing the design attention they receive. Read More

You Evolve or You Die...
The End of the Fitness Industry as a Single Business - Part II

By: Thomas Plummer

Thomas PlummerThomas PlummerIn Part I of this article, I brought forth the premise that there is no such thing as a single fitness industry. I explained what this statement means and its origins. This month, in Part II, I will explain what it means for all of us in this industry. Read More

Opportunities with Personal Training
By: Bonnie Patrick Mattalian

Bonnie Patrick MattalianBonnie Patrick MattalianWe continue to see decent growth in membership again. Yet, many operators see two very distinctive paths with personal training: (1) either the trends replicate membership growth or (2) it has stalled. I spoke with several industry personal training influencers to get their take on this service's current and future state. And, of course, with the New Year on the horizon, in addition to new membership sales and other club access models, delivering personal training results will be paramount to retention. Read More

It Is Not WHAT You Know But WHO You Know to Grow Sales
By: Gary Polic

Gary PolicGary PolicWe are all the experts in the "educational" piece of marketing our clubs. "You want to know WHAT to do to get the results you are looking for, then come to us!" That is the position we are all in currently when fighting for our market share. I mean, who would want to trust their fitness results to just anybody, right? But, what about relationships? The consumer buys from someone they trust and has good rapport with initially or over time. Well, then, that leaves us with the most important question, and that is WHO do you know personally in your communities that is an influencer? Read More

Are You Being Reactive, Proactive or Inactive?
By: Jeffrey Pinkerton

Jeffrey PinkertonJeffrey PinkertonIn chemistry, as far as I can recall from my college career as a Biology major, activation energy is the amount of energy required to trigger a reaction. These reactions require more energy to start than they do to sustain. They are made easier with catalysts and made more difficult, slowed or stalled with inhibitors. This is true in chemistry and in business. And, as it turns out, it's true in human behavior as well. Read More

Exercise IS Medicine
By: Mike Alpert

Mike AlpertMike AlpertThe Christmas Holiday Season is my favorite time of the year. In general, it seems that people are in a more giving spirit. Lots of Holiday movies and much cooler weather... It is also a time that I find myself reflecting on all the things that I have to be thankful for, like my wife, Annie; daughter, Justene, and many other family members and special friends. And, of course for being able to work in the health and fitness club industry for so many wonderful years. Read More

Crunch Fitness Announces Milestone of 400th Franchise Club Opening
PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - Renowned gym chain Crunch Fitness is proud to announce the February 2022 opening of its 400th Location in San Angelo, Texas. With this opening, Crunch secures its place as the number one gym brand in the high-value, low-price category. In addition to the highly anticipated opening of its 400th club, Crunch has continued to see rapid expansion in memberships. As of October 2021, Crunch Franchise has exceeded 128% of pre-pandemic membership levels, significantly outpacing the industry at large, with its closest competitor in the space recently announcing a 97% return to pre-pandemic membership. Read More

Norm's Notes for December 2021
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Founder and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in with our 336th monthly edition! And, today, I'm particularly excited as this edition kicks off our 29th Year of publication! WOW, has time FLOWN BY! Read More

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