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Jeffrey Pinkerton is the Business Development Manager for MOSSA.

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"Why Would I Do A Group Fitness Workout?"
April 2022 - That is precisely what I said when my wife asked if I wanted to do a class with her. "Why would I do a group fitness workout?" To get the full effect, imagine me fifteen years younger, a year or two fanatically into the super-hobby of triathlons, heart-rate monitor worn for most workouts, and when I replied to my wife's request, I put an unnecessary emphasis on the word "I" while shaking my head and raising my eyebrows. "Why would I do a group fitness workout?" I can't remember every detail of our interaction, but I do remember that it was chest and tris day. Read Article...

Are You Being Reactive, Proactive or Inactive?
December 2021 - In chemistry, as far as I can recall from my college career as a Biology major, activation energy is the amount of energy required to trigger a reaction. These reactions require more energy to start than they do to sustain. They are made easier with catalysts and made more difficult, slowed or stalled with inhibitors. This is true in chemistry and in business. And, as it turns out, it's true in human behavior as well. Read Article...

Are You Up For A Challenge?
Keeping Members Engaged.

January 2022 - A recent study published in Nature released the findings of a multi-scientist, multi-university, "megastudy" set out to determine what interventions could increase gym visits. There were 54 different intervention strategies tested: everything from personal scheduling, text messages, email reminders, short surveys to reinforce values, to positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, earning points for certain actions and losing points for not taking other actions. So, what did they learn? They learned what my mom has always known. Read Article...

Common Courtesy? Or, New Non-Talkative Norm?

May 2022 - Here is an interesting experiment you should try: Walk into a business (a grocery store, a big box store, auto parts store, etc.) and don't say anything to anyone unless someone first says something to you. If someone talks to you, the experiment is over. Shockingly, it is pretty easy to make it through the grocery store without saying a word. You find what you need, use the self-checkout, bag your own items, swipe your card and head out the door. Is this a good thing? Read Article...

Digital Deluge or Delusion
Is the Virtual World Becoming a Real Reality?

April 2021 - As the world cautiously reopens from a global shutdown, the future of fitness seems to be very much up for debate. With an influx of digital platform providers, the industry has been flooded by technology companies sponsoring virtual conferences, contributing to publications and hosting webcasts. It would appear that "everyone" is talking about digital fitness and the necessary and novel pivot of providing both live and digital fitness experiences for your members. It's hard to wade through the muck of the moment and think clearly about what the future might really look like. Maybe looking to other industries could shed some light on the road ahead. Read Article...

Digital Workouts
Sustainable Solution or Expensive Experiment?

October 2020 - As health and fitness clubs continue to adjust to social distancing guidelines and even the possibility of future closings, many operators are searching for digital solutions to keep members moving at home. Developing and delivering a platform of high-quality digital workouts can be a challenging and costly venture, so when everything does return to normal, was the effort a sustainable solution or just an expensive experiment? Read Article...

Building Your Club's Real Social Network

June 2021 - Driving engagement. Growing followers. Encouraging comments. Gaining likes. If you have a presence on social media, your team has no doubt discussed these metrics. And, for the purpose of the platform, each of these is important to understand and track when measuring the effectiveness of your social media reach. But, is online engagement (now highly driven by a somewhat-mysterious, ever-changing, self-serving algorithm) giving us all a false sense of connection? Has the hot-topic conversation of "virtual" and video fitness clouded the core importance of personal connection, shared experiences and building your club's real social network? Read Article...

Is Selling Your Team's Strong Suit?
February 2022 - When my college-aged son was in his junior year, as a Christmas gift, we decided to give him a new suit. We have always been practical gift givers, and this one fit the timing of life quite well, as we knew that fraternity formals, upcoming job interviews and future friends' weddings were on the horizon. We were also fairly certain that he was done growing. I took him to a well-known, brand-name, somewhat ordinary men's store; however, the sales interaction that we experienced was anything but ordinary. Two hours later, as we left the store, energized from the experience and a little face-sore from laughing and smiling, my son looked at me and said, "Is it just me, or was that guy an INCREDIBLE salesman?" It was a masterclass in service and in selling. Read Article...

Life Lesson from an Outdoor Cyclist
Just Keep Moving

August 2021 - In 2005, I decided to pick up a new hobby, outdoor cycling. To be accurate, I actually decided to get back into cycling. I had ridden a road bike as a teenager (although back then we called it a 12-speed), but it was a mode of transportation more than a fitness-related hobby. I hadn't ridden in years, but our church was planning a Men's Retreat to Calloway Gardens, and one of the possible activities for the weekend was a 20-mile bike ride. With only a few weeks to get organized, I nervously set out to restart this new hobby. The goal? Not look like the new guy. The result? Hey everybody, take a look at the new guy. You may see where I'm going with this. Read Article...

Well, What Questions Should You Be Asking About Group Fitness?
July 2021 - Most successful operators know that group fitness is an important part of their business. It improves engagement, influences retention, and when done well, can drive reputation. Most agree, inside the group fitness room, cool stuff happens, instructors do what they do, and members really enjoy it. Most admit they wouldn't run their business without it. Big picture, it's important. But, often, when diving into the details (scheduling, programs offered, key metrics, etc.), many owners don't have a solid strategy for managing that component of their business. Of course, to be a great leader, you don't need to have all the answers, but you do need to ask great questions. Read Article...

What if the Apple Store Sold Health Club Memberships?
November 2020 - From conversations with customers and potential customers, the typical sales process often goes something like this: (1) meet, greet, ask a few questions and complete a needs analysis; (2) give a tour of the facility showing various features; (3) highlight specific features, explain benefits, present price and discuss personal training; (4) ask for their business, leading with personal training. If yes, book appointment with personal trainer. If no, sign up under standard membership; and (5) give key card, welcome pack and (possibly) one free session with a personal trainer. Read Article...

You Are Where You Eat
Eating at Your Own Restaurant

March 2021 - I imagine that a lot of families have a favorite restaurant. Ours is a Mexican restaurant just around the corner. Even before the pandemic, we were regulars of the weekend dinner order for pickup. Now that our children are in college, the idea of voluntarily choosing to eat dinner adjacent to tables of screaming children and 10-year-old sports teams is... less than ideal. In January, with our college kids home for an extended holiday break and nothing on the calendar but a backyard night around the fire pit, we decided Mexican food would be the perfect addition to the night's no-plan plans. Read Article...

Your Menu of Services
A Recommendation About Recommendations

January 2021 - Great restaurants have small and selective menus. Having a well-curated and thoughtful menu ensures that guests will be able to navigate the offerings and make an informed decision. It also increases the likelihood that the staff have tried everything on the menu and can speak to their experience. On the other hand, a large menu of entrees in a restaurant, or a large menu of options in a health club, is difficult to manage, challenging to market, tough to quality control and impossible for staff to experience in full. If your team struggles to make strong recommendations to every member who walks through your door, I have a recommendation... Read Article...

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