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REX For Women Leaders
Introducing The Iron Maidens

By: Justin Cates

Justin CatesJustin CatesWe all know what a Board of Directors is, at least in business. You have to be a big company worth a lot of money to need or have one, right? Wrong!!! Whether we are talking about a single person or a giant organization, the idea of a Board of Directors is simple and valid. It is a group of people who care about the person or organization they are representing enough to dedicate time, knowledge and advice. This idea is nothing new, and in fact, it has been mentioned by several of our cover story subjects over the past few years. Interestingly enough, what they have in common is they are REX Roundtable Members! The reason for this is the power of outside insights. As we go through our own day-to-day, we are more likely to experience tunnel vision than not. Our personal Board of Directors or that of an organization exists to offer an objective viewpoint, a periphery. Read More

From Day Job to Dream Gym
Eight Essential Steps to Building Your Own Fitness Empire

By: Jim Thomas

Jim ThomasJim ThomasEmbarking on a new gym venture can be an overwhelming prospect, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or simply an individual pursuing your passion. While the idea of leaving a day job you despise to start your own business may be enticing, it requires careful consideration and thorough planning to increase your chances of success. Before taking the plunge and purchasing your dream gym, there are several things to think through as well as steps to follow. Below are eight essential steps to guide you on your journey towards quitting your day job and acquiring your dream gym. Read More

Getting Results
Setting Up a System of Accountability

By: Frank Guengerich

Frank GuengerichFrank GuengerichI've spent most of my career in the pursuit of how to maximize results. In my last article (April 2023 Edition), I wrote about a six-step process on how to implement a results-based management approach. There have been a tremendous number of books written about how to get results, and I've tried to read as many as possible. However, one of the most logical and straight forward approaches that totally resonated with was from the late Gerry Faust. I had the opportunity to learn from this amazing educator, motivator and management leadership guru. In this article, I'm focusing on things I learned from Gerry and have learned from personal experience. Read More

Is Your Facility Socially Fit?
By: Cathy Spencer Browning

Cathy Spencer BrowningCathy Spencer BrowningWhat if we could simultaneously offer a cure to two epidemics? Yes, we're all in the business of battling the inactivity epidemic, but our mission to get more people moving can also address this increasingly common public health problem: Loneliness. Look at the social potential of your facility. With the right programs and people, it's the perfect environment for friendships, a place where everyone knows your name, a place where physical fitness and social fitness can be equally important. Imagine the battle you could wage against isolation, as well as inactivity, not to mention member retention, by making your facility more socially fit. Read More

Club Financing
USDA, Equipment Financing and Unsecured Loans

By: Paul Bosley

Paul BosleyPaul BosleyThis article series illustrates the variety of financing products available in today's marketplace and lists some franchises that use each option to provide financing to launch a start-up fitness center and to expand an existing fitness center business. All financing options require the borrower(s) to contribute an equity injection, so they have "skin in the game." The equity injection cannot be borrowed funds, such as a home equity loan unless the loan will be repaid from an unrelated source, such as spousal earnings or investment income. Read More

Workout Anytime's 2023 Run for the Roses Franchise Conference
ATLANTA, GA - A.C.E. - Attitude, Care and Excellence are Core Values that create the execution of this year's amazing event! Pre-Planning provided a backdrop along with Teamwork of the entire Workout Anytime Franchise Support Center to meet the goals of this year's 2023 Run for the Roses Franchise Conference. Read More

Norm's Notes for June 2023
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Founder and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in with our 354th monthly edition! To start off this month's Norm's Notes, I want to mention that JUSTIN CATES, my Son and Partner in Club Insider, and I, are both very proud to be able to do this for you every month. I also want to say: THANKS TO YOU ALL for reading Club Insider! And, very special THANKS and APPRECIATION TO YOU ALL for contacting and doing business with our esteemed advertisers! Special THANKS and APPRECIATION to you for doing business with our advertisers, because were it not for them, we would not be coming to you every month. Read More

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