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Frank Guengerich is the President of Hospitality and Lifestyle at the Williams Group. The Williams Group is a Texas-based multi-company organization specializing in real estate development. The Williams Group owns several brands, one of which is VERDURE, a luxury multi-sport athletic, wellness and lifestyle brand unlike anything in the nation.

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Biohacking: What's the Opportunity?
September 2023 - Biohacking has been around the fitness industry for years, but only recently have owners and operators come to realize the opportunities. The definition of biohacking is when you change your body chemistry and physiology through science to increase energy and vitality. So, why should a club owner and operator get heavily engaged with biohacking? There are three primary reasons. Read Article...

Building an Effective Annual Sales and Marketing Plan
March 2024 - There are several ways to approach the development of an Annual Sales and Marketing Plan. The question is, what way is the most impactful, effective and yields the best return on investment? Having spent over 30 years of selling memberships in most states in U.S. and most major U.S. cities, this is what I've learned works best... Read Article...

Getting Results
A Strategic Management Approach

April 2023 - I've owned/managed a variety of businesses for over 30 years. Several of those businesses were complex and required a very clear and coherent strategic management approach that the entire leadership team could understand and easily implement. In addition, I've always been in a highly competitive business climate that required substantial financial success. This forced me to learn a methodical approach to accomplish an initiative so that our team would win. The approach I will share with you has been tried and tested many times, and it works. However, for it to work, it is vital that everyone involved aligns with the goals and objectives and that each person is fully committed to the plan. Pull everyone together, go thru the stages outlined in this article and have everyone report on the progress weekly. Read Article...

Getting Results
Setting Up a System of Accountability

June 2023 - I've spent most of my career in the pursuit of how to maximize results. In my last article (April 2023 Edition), I wrote about a six-step process on how to implement a results-based management approach. There have been a tremendous number of books written about how to get results, and I've tried to read as many as possible. However, one of the most logical and straight forward approaches that totally resonated with was from the late Gerry Faust. I had the opportunity to learn from this amazing educator, motivator and management leadership guru. In this article, I'm focusing on things I learned from Gerry and have learned from personal experience. Read Article...

It's a Great Time to Recommit to Your Health and Fitness Journey!
December 2023 - As we close out the year and start 2024, as club owners, managers and fitness professionals, we must always remember that we serve as a role model for our staff and members. I'm constantly reminded that my personal commitment to my health journey is not only a vital part of my physical and mental wellbeing, but I must be an example for those that I lead. I celebrated my 60th birthday in 2023 and have never felt better. While I don't agree that "age is just a number," it is possible to improve your health, physique and overall wellness as you age. Read Article...

Leaders Aspire to Inspire
April 2021 - Recently, I was approached by a member, and he was very complimentary about the operation, service and brand delivery at our multi-sports luxury athletic club called VERDURE. I'm always thrilled to hear positive feedback regarding service delivery, especially because our ownership group and management team are very focused on delivering an amazing experience for our members. The member asked me: If I had one piece of advice to provide a new owner or manager in the club business, what would it be? The answer has always been simple for me: To be a Servant Leader. To me, these are the keys to being a Servant Leader... Read Article...

Recapping SIBEC 2024
Plus a Bonus: Planning Your Fall FitFest

June 2024 - This year's summer 2024 SIBEC Event was on point! One of the best events of this type I've ever attended and certainly the best attendance from both Suppliers and Buyers. The location was fantastic, the Langham Huntington Resort, in Pasadena, California. Robert Shannon and his team from SIBEC did a great job organizing and coordinating the event. The logistics and scheduling of this sort of event is no small feat, but they did it flawlessly. These are my main takeaways... Read Article...

The Seven Steps in an Effective Sales Process
March 2022 - Over the years, I've had the good fortune to learn all about the sales process from the best. I always joke to my team that I've never had an original idea; I've just listened closely to the greats, been very coachable and replicated what they taught me. I'd like to share what I've learned, and perhaps, this may assist you as well. Before I review the Seven Steps in an Effective Sales Process, I'll start by saying the most critical value a salesperson must possess is to be passionately committed to the product he is selling. If you are not prepared to purchase the product and use it yourself, it is hard to imagine how you can be successful at selling it. If you're selling fitness, wellness and living a healthy lifestyle as a profession, do you live that way yourself and what type of example do you set for those around you? These are the seven steps to follow to have an effective and results-based sales process... Read Article...

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