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George Jackson and TG - The Gym
40-Year Veteran Club Business Guru and World Class Creator/Operator of Unique Club Environments

By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesAmerica has an abundance of great health and fitness club entrepreneurs, developers and operators. All across the country, we have individuals who've devoted their entire lives to this industry... each with the single goal of providing their communities with unique, well designed and professionally built clubs that are packed with a variety of exercise equipment, machines and services. George Jackson is a 40-year veteran of our industry, and when you read his story, you're going to feel compelled to Tip Your Hat to George for what he's achieved over those 40 years. I sure did! And, importantly, you will be astounded by encyclopedia of names he will share when giving credit to those whom he has worked with along the way. I sure was! Read More

"Insider Speaks"
Body Diversity: Its Impact on Fitness Marketing

By: Sara Kooperman, JD

Sara Kooperman, JDSara Kooperman, JDIn recent years, there has been an increase in the range of body types companies have begun to include in their advertisements. One such example is Peloton's recent rebranding in a new advertisement. In a 90-second video promoting Peloton's app, real people of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages were seen using the app to take classes at home. Previous advertisements were predominantly filled with extremely fit athletes using their equipment, so this rebranding is a significant change for the company and its audience. The portrayal of overweight participants in marketing campaigns has become a subject of debate. While inclusivity and body positivity are both extremely important, concerns arise regarding the potential health and economic implications that could follow promoting individuals with obesity in marketing campaigns. Read More

What If All of Your Members Were Raving Fans?
By: Herb Lipsman

Herb LipsmanHerb LipsmanImagine how successful your club would be if all of your members were Raving Fans... A Raving Fan is a member who loves the club so much they feel compelled to brag about their club to friends and acquaintances regularly. What produces a Raving Fan? This is the easy part. Raving Fans love the club because... Read More

When It Comes to Decision Making, "Real" Always Trumps "Feel."
By: Chris Stevenson

Chris StevensonChris StevensonWe have used a concept for years that has helped us tremendously with our ability to make good decisions when running health clubs. It's called "real versus feel." The idea is that, when it comes to decision-making, it is always best to go with "real" instead of "feel." Feel is based on emotion and theory. Real is based on data and facts. This may sound simple, but it is harder to execute than you think. Emotions are strong and can take over at times. This is especially true of negative emotions. While it's human nature to let feel dominate real, doing so often leads to poor decision-making. Read More

Question: How Do You Set Up Success?
By: Jeffrey Pinkerton

Jeffrey PinkertonJeffrey PinkertonI am sure you want your members to be successful at your facility. But, how do you define success? Here is a speculative stab at an answer: A successful member is someone who uses the facility regularly; is on a pathway of improving their physical, mental and emotional health; appreciates the features and benefits offered; enjoys the experience; and values what they receive in return for their monthly membership fee. Now, the more complicated question: How do you ensure success? And, if you could increase your members' chances for success, how much energy and effort would you invest in setting them on and keeping them on the right path? Read More

Steve and Sally Goldman, Owners of the Weymouth Club, Honored
WEYMOUTH, MA - Steve and Sally Goldman, longtime players, coaches and owners of the decorated Weymouth Club in Weymouth, Massachusetts, have been selected as the recipients of the 2023 Gardner Ward Chase Memorial Award for their lifetime contributions to New England tennis. The Goldmans, of Milton, MA, were celebrated at the New England Tennis Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on June 11 at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island. Read More

IHRSA Announces New Staff and Promotions
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Liz Clark, President & CEO of IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Association, announces the hiring of new staff members and the promotion of a team member. Pamela Kufahl joined June 19 as Senior Director of Communications and will lead external-facing campaigns, drive social media content, and produce a wide array of member and industry-facing articles, documents and resources such as the popular Health Club Consumer Report and Global Report. Read More

Norm's Notes for July 2023
By: Norm Cates

Norm CatesNorm CatesHello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Founder and Tribal Leader Since 1993 checking in with our 355th monthly edition! I'm really happy that you're reading this edition, and I'm also very thankful that you've tuned in again as I proceed on my keyboard with my monthly habit of "Telling-It-Like-It-Is!" Read More

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