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Charley Matera Joins REX Roundtables for Executives

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Charley MateraCharley MateraREX Roundtables for Executives are pleased to announce the addition of Charley Matera as their newest REX Chairperson.

REX Roundtables for Executives is the premier process for executives who want to improve the performance of their organizations and the quality of their life. REX brings noncompeting CEOs of leading companies in the same industry together on a regular basis to learn from each other and from our experienced chairpersons.

Along with being a REX Roundtable Chairperson, Charley is the Principal of HiComm Consulting, "...home of Conversation by Design...", an easy-to-use, interactive method for getting Real Results in organizations. Following careers in IT systems marketing and human resources, he began HiComm to provide management and organization development consulting. Using Strategic Linkage, his work with clients aligns human performance with business goals.

Charley holds a BA from Colgate University and an MBA from University of Connecticut, as well as excellence citations teaching at Lesley University, Bentley College and Baystate College in Boston. He promotes networking and learning through leadership roles in several professional associations for organizational development and business consulting.

REX helps businesses and non-profits outperform the competition. Since 1985, CEOs, Executive Directors and General Managers have participated in REX Roundtables in their industry. Sharing detailed best practices within an industry is the single most powerful way to improve performance and success. Currently, REX has 120 health club owners as members in REX groups on four continents.

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