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How Technology Is Changing Club Design

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Bruce CarterBruce Carter

We are all aware of the rapid changes in technology affecting our lives. Now, more than ever, there is a rapid escalation in the use of technology in clubs, providing members a more engaging experience. This is especially true if you want to attract the 20 - 40 age group, yet all members want the best possible solutions to their desire to look and feel their best.

All of these technological advances affect club design. If you plan accordingly, technology will function more effectively, cost less and be an integral part of the excitement of a club.

Here are some key factors to consider when incorporating technology into a design, and they apply to any size or type of club, new or renovation:

1. The use of technology to enhance a member's exercise experience.

Keeping members aware of their physiology during a workout can add to the positive feedback of their progress. This includes wireless and cloud technology for monitoring physical activity. Some types of equipment come with heart rate monitoring capabilities, and other options include the growing category of wearables. Often, this information can end up on a monitor as part of a class, and as a result of this type of technology, club design now includes a number of different monitors throughout a club.

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