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The Future Begins At The Edge

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  • (L to R) Dan Farnham, Deb Languasco, Kim Kilbon, Laurie Adams, Courtney Kutler and Mike Feitelberg
  • Parisi Speed School at The Edge
  • Edge Personal Training
  • The Edge Fieldhouse
  • An Edge 802 Lacrosse Squad at The Albany Shootout
  • The Kids & Fitness Difference at The Edge
  • Indoor Tennis at The Edge
  • Basketball at The Edge

Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and then, figure out where those left should sit and where to drive the bus. In its most simplistic form, this is a key takeaway from Jim Collins' Good To Great.

This month, Club Insider is pleased to feature Mike Feitelberg, Co-Owner and President of The Edge, a 6-club chain located in Vermont.

Carrying the previous analogy further, Mike Feitelberg and his team have an incredible bus. They have filled the seats with amazing people. And now, they are driving it towards the future of our industry.

The Edge is what the future of our industry can look like. Having established an immense array of offerings, The Edge can literally serve its customers from cradle to grave. The goodwill it has established in the communities it serves, including the medical field, cycles this momentum. And, with the passion and leadership of Mike, The Edge is poised to be an industry leader as the topic of healthcare comes to a head in the United States.

Don't take my word for it, though. I welcome you to hear it from Mike Feitelberg, Co-Owner and President of The Edge. The interview that follows is one not to be missed!

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