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Norm's Notes for March 2018

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Norm CatesNorm Cates

Hello Everybody! This is your Club Insider Publisher and Tribal Leader Since 1993 Checking In!

•Is America a great country, or what!? Each month, when the time comes for me to write these Norm's Notes for y'all, I always think to myself: "Self... what are you going to write here today that will (A) Be HELPFUL to our readers, in their day-to-day club operations, and (B) be something that's really interesting so you'll won't just read it yourself, but you'll also pass it on to your friends and associates in our wonderful industry?"

First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to any and all Olympic Medal Winners from all countries that might have the opportunity to read this. IF you have an Olympic athlete at your club, would you please show them this: "Congratulations to you for the gigantic achievement in your life of being an Olympian. You should be extremely proud of what you've achieved, and so should your country no matter where you are or whether you got a medal or not! CONGRATULATIONS to Olympians everywhere!"

Second, speaking of being helpful... we have a terrific Cover Story this month by my Son and partner, JUSTIN CATES, about Augie's Quest. This very special Cover Story is an amazing story that we're doing in honor of Augie's 13th year of survival with ALS, AND to remind you to attend the Augie's Quest Bash on March 23rd in beautiful San Diego. I urge you to read it beginning on Page #3, and within, you will hear from LYNNE NIETO, JOHN McCARTHY, KEVIN McHUGH, JIM WORTHINGTON and LARRY CONNER, as they all share their thoughts on Augie's Quest, which by now, amazingly has raised over 100 million dollars for research to find the cure for LOU GEHRIG's Disease (ALS). I want to urge you to attend the Augie's Quest Bash on Friday Night, March 23, 2018 at the 37th Annual IHRSA Convention in San Diego.

•Speaking of Augie's Quest, don't miss AUGIE, the documentary movie. As LYNNE NIETO reports on Page #10 of this month's cover story:

"After a year on the Film Festival circuit, winning in both Boston and Nashville, we are releasing Augie in March. For your readers in New York or Los Angeles, they can see Augie in theaters: Laemmle Music Hall in Los Angeles and Cinema Village in New York. Following the theatrical release, Augie can be rented or purchase on iTunes at or Amazon at We're very appreciative of all the clubs that are promoting this to their members so we can share our story, and most importantly the importance of finding a cure for ALS."

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