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Crunch Fitness Invites Members to "Feel Good, Not Bad" in New Creative Campaign

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Crunch FitnessNEW YORK, N.Y. - Crunch Fitness, one of the fitness industry's leading high-value, low-price gyms, announces the launch of its uplifting "Feel Good, Not Bad" campaign. In partnership with creative agency Familiar Creatures, this new brand mantra aligns with Crunch's Mission to make serious fitness fun through a huge variety of engaging experiences that allow all members to escape life's inevitable bad moments.

Working out at Crunch is where members can feel the good and find that reprieve from the bad. The brand brings this concept to life with 15- and 30-second commercial spots directed by award-winning directors Ben Hurst and Dave Thomas of Ben/Dave. Striking the ideal balance between grounded humor, freshness and unexpectedness, the commercials draw viewers in and solidify how good Crunch makes people feel, in contrast to life's daily challenges, such as smacking one's head on an open drawer, spilling a burrito or even finding an unexpected snake in a sleeping bag.

"The 'Feel Good, Not Bad' mantra is more than a slogan. It encapsulates the very essence of what we create every day at Crunch. It's something that carries you through your workout and after you leave. It's the energy, the community and the joy of crushing it without thinking about it. In a world where things can sometimes feel out of your control, Crunch is a haven where you can turn that all around, helping you to feel your best from the moment you step through our doors," said Chad Waetzig, Chief Marketing Officer at Crunch Fitness. "Everyone deserves to feel good, and there is no better way to do that than by activating your endorphins in a positive and inspiring space."

The new campaign will be seamlessly integrated into merchandise, in-gym materials, television commercials, social media adaptations, radio live reads and visually appealing billboards, all to resonate with people and inject a moment of humor into the day. Crunch's vision for the campaign is to see the commercial generate memes, gifs and other relatable content while members and fans share personal anecdotes on social media.

"After going through our brand strategy process with Crunch Fitness, we realized they're all about making everyone feel good," said Justin Bajan, Co-Founder of Familiar Creatures. "We juxtaposed this insight against some of the things that make people feel bad and made Crunch's purpose shine even brighter."

The new commercial began airing nationally on television on December 26, 2023, with billboards and additional materials to follow.

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