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  • The John Wareing Statue, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Early Advertisement for Wareing's Gym
  • Early Days at Wareing's Gym
  • The Wareing Brothers Holding Up Their Dad
  • A Wareing's Gym Workout
  • Exercise Floor at Wareing's Gym
  • Exercise Floor at Wareing's Gym

During all of my travels across America, visiting literally thousands of clubs, I've never come across a situation like this one, in which the late John Wareing, Founder of Wareing's Gym, has been memorialized with a beautiful monument that was created and installed by members of his Virginia Beach, Virginia community in memory of Wareing.

John Wareing was a war hero, a Virginia Beach police officer and trainer, a strong man, a friend and confidant, a fitness guru and a comic... John Wareing was a man who changed the lives of thousands of Virginia Beach, Virginia citizens for the better, and he was memorialized with a larger-than-life statue on the beach at 17th Street and Boardwalk. He was also known as the unofficial strongest man in the Navy.

He also left a culture in his Wareing's Gym that caused him and his gym to be trusted by his community. Once you have read the commentary from Mike, Tony and Jake Wareing, it will be clear why that trust in their gym continues until this day.

If you're one of our long-time Club Insider readers, you may remember that we have repeatedly written about the importance of building "TRUST" in your community and with all of your customers. In fact, in August of 2009, I wrote a Club Insider Cover Story on this extremely important subject and entitled it, "TRUST." If you've been in this wonderful industry for a long time, you could probably write your own cover story with what you know about the topic of building TRUST and lasting RELATIONSHIPS with the citizens of your community.

Without even reviewing my past writings on the subject of building TRUST in the community, I could not help but be reminded about the subject as I conducted the following interview with Mike, Tony and Jake Wareing, the owners and operators of this unique health club. These men continue their lifetimes of self employment at Wareing's Gym by employing a finely-tuned and well-executed focus on building and maintaining trust and relationships with their customers... yes... TRUST with their members and guests.

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