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Modern Club Architecture and Design - Part I

Featuring Interviews With Rudy Fabiano and Bruce Carter

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Justin CatesJustin Cates

Each month, at Club Insider, we attempt to bring to you, our readers, stories of club success. Though we always seek to report the full story of how an organization came to be, eventually, the core of the story becomes about what they are doing now. As so many have been quoted about overnight successes, though, the irony they try to embellish is that an overnight success is never that. It is something that took years and levels of planning to achieve that most cannot comprehend. That is why, this month, I am personally excited to bring to you an in-depth cover story about modern club architecture and design, featuring two true veterans of the field in our industry, Rudy Fabiano and Bruce Carter.

Years ago, as I grew and learned, experiencing the trials and tribulations of K-12 and college, and of course, middle and high school-level sports, the path of my future was not set. So, I started with the obvious career choices: astronaut, race car driver, fireman... Somewhere along the way, I was also completely sure I would be an architect! My LEGO creations were off the charts, yet my math grades not so much and my study skills even worse. Being an architect was a fun dream, yet only that. Now, in the field that suits me best, I write to you, authoring a cover story I am personally invested in because of my old love for this field, during which I learned a great deal. And, I hope you will as well.

When many initially think of a club's architecture and design, the likely images that come to mind are the end result a club's members and other customers will physically see and move around within. However, if we peel back the layers of the onion, we will find that the façade we think of is only that, and to become truly excellent, it must be built on a structure strong enough to support future success.

As I began the process of researching and writing this story, I was in the category of the former, not realizing how much goes into the concept of a "design." Everything from your current or future location(s) and its local competition, to whom your customers will be and what you will offer them at all levels, as well as price points, will be but a few of many questions that must be asked before the first line of graphite is ever put down on paper.

Within the process that unfolds, the architect or designer should never be thought of as a mercenary, paid only to bring a steadfast vision to life. Instead, they should be thought of as a partner in the endeavor of your club's design because that is how they look at you in delivering to you a great design. Only by working cooperatively together can an optimal solution be found. From there, the foundation of yet another overnight success can be formed. The end game is their upmost priority, but know, it will take time, clear communication and multiple iterations before it comes to reality.

With that, I introduce to you the interviewees for Part I of Club Insider's cover story on modern club architecture and design: Rudy Fabiano, Principal, Fabiano Designs, and Bruce Carter, Principal, Optimal Design Systems International. I invite you to read on.

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