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Pete Moore & Integrity Square

Connecting the HALO Sector with Growth Capital

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  • HALO TALKS: Pete Moore and Chuck Runyon, Co-Founder and CEO of Anytime Fitness
  • HALO TALKS: Pete Moore and Cate Luzio, Founder and CEO of Luminary
  • Integrity Square Representative Transactions
  • In 2018, Integrity Square and Crunch Fitness partnered to raise over $300,000 in fitness equipment and cash to help most of the 225 NYC Fire Stations in the Five Boroughs.

Since the advent of the spoken word, humans have told stories. Some stories are just for fun; others have the important task of passing along history. In almost all stories, though, fun or purposeful, lessons are taught. Then, the story is passed along again, adapted and evolved as it makes its course through time. The story of Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square, is comprised of several chapters, each built on the previous and each teaching its own lessons.

If you think about the story that is to be told as a square structure, the first chapter builds the foundation for what is to come. The second and third chapters create the walls of understanding, building upon the past. The fourth chapter completes the structure. The fifth chapter, however, is the crux, filling the square in with color and providing a springboard into the future.

That springboard is now Integrity Square, creators of the term: the HALO Sector (Healthy, Active Living and Outdoors). The HALO Sector is worth trillions of dollars, not to mention creating good for those who consume the products and services based within. As health and fitness club owners and managers, you are a key segment within HALO, and that will only increase in time.

Coming full circle, Pete's story is fun and historical, and it provides great lessons along the way, not to mention the enormity of what Integrity Square is trying to accomplish and how they can help you within that context. The way in which he tells this story is passionate, and at times, humorous. That combination makes for an easy, yet insightful read, so I invite you to read on and learn more about Pete Moore, Integrity Square and HALO. You will be glad you did.

An Interview With Pete Moore, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrity Square

Pete MoorePete Moore

Club Insider (C.I.) - Pete, where were you born, and where did you grow up?
Pete Moore (PM) - I grew up in Westbury, Long Island, a middle-class neighborhood that was safe with tree-lined streets, an ice cream truck rolling down the block and all sports all the time, from basketball to roller hockey to running bases to tackle football. We did not have Purell waiting for us at home. We did not wear helmets while riding our bicycles. And, we did not have any cell phones... the good ole' days. My parents were always supportive and loving as I grew up with an awesome younger sister along the way. Times were shaped with family, grandparent visits, friends, Reform Temple, sports, sleepaway camp and constant sarcasm. I watched my father as the CEO of a food service equipment company, which shaped my views of business.

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