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T.J. CarterT.J. Carter

TJ Carter is the President of TJ Carter and Associates, LLC.

Phone: (214) 821 - 2337
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Asking Questions Could Lead To Major Cost Savings!
May 2009 - As business owners and managers, we are all looking for ways to generate revenue and reduce expenses. When it comes to Human Resources, like many owners and managers, as long as employees are paid on time, morale is good and the company has benefits, we don't worry much about HR details. However, in today's business climate, we can no longer assume "everything is fine" in HR. Read Article...

Health Care Reform
Employer Requirements

May 2010 - Landmark legislation making major changes to health care insurance practices in the United States was enacted in March, 2010. The law affects employers in a variety of ways, many of which are discussed briefly below. Read Article...

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