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Pete is the Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Dream Architect at Integrity Square ("ISQ"), a leading boutique financial advisory firm focused on the $4.7T Health, Active Lifestyle, Outdoor ("HALO") sector.

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"O Say Can You See"
Here is What is Going on in America...

May 2024 - Our firm, Integrity Square, is a leading advisory firm focused on mergers and acquisitions in North America. Here are the current trends and Top Five list from our perspective... Read Article...

Forecast From Wall Street
Stormy Weather for the Remainder of 2009

March 2009 - Five short years ago, private equity and institutional investors finally started to recognize the attractiveness of the health club business model; strong recurring revenue, attractive long-term growth prospects, impressive return on capital characteristics and the overall proliferation of health & fitness throughout the U.S. Over a dozen private equity investments were made in our sector from 2004 to 2008 at attractive valuations for owners. Read Article...

Ripple Effects
How The Financial Crisis Will Impact Your Health Club Operations

November 2008 - In late September, 2008, Washington Mutual Inc., the sixth largest bank in the U.S. was seized by federal regulators and the bulk of its operations were sold to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. In October, Congress approved a $700 billion plus bailout package to buy bad mortgages, auto loans and credit card receivables. Why? Because no other investor will touch these assets. The U.S. Government is also now a shareholder in many of the largest banking institutions in the country. Read Article...

Thinking Outside the Box: An "Exercise" for Success
Embracing Technology and Look At Other Industries to Get Fresh ideas and Fast Results

February 2003 - Read Article...

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