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Misti Burmeister, bestselling author of Hidden Heroes and From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generations, is a foremost authority on how leaders can harness the wisdom and enthusiasm of their teams to reduce turnover, fuel employee engagement and increase employee loyalty.

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Appreciate Them!
February 2012 - For someone who's not big into shopping for clothes, doing so during the holidays is... Well, you can imagine. In order to avoid the large, crazy masses, I wandered into a smaller clothing store and was greeted immediately by Mary, a woman who clearly loves her job. Read Article...

Get Results or Get Out!
August 2011 - After finishing up a workout, I stopped in to chat with Rick, the sales manager at a gym I frequented, and found him agonizing over whether to fire one of his salesmen. I was stunned because Keith, the salesman in question, was one my favorites. He signed me up and always took care of any customer's complaints, whether it was his "job" or not. "Every time I come into this gym, Keith greets me with a smile and leaves me feeling like I matter," I told Rick. "Why would you terminate him?" Read Article...

Listen To My Ideas!
October 2011 - "Fifty percent of our employees will be eligible to retire in the next two years," said Peter, the CEO of a major utilities company. "I want to be sure we're doing what's necessary to keep our young employees and motivate the older ones to mentor them." Sound familiar? It's a troubling chorus that's echoing down company halls across the nation Read Article...

Why Should Anyone Listen To You?
November 2011 - It's not news to anyone that today's job market is a tough one, but this challenging business environment is also a great opportunity for motivated employees to shine while everyone else wastes time complaining. Read Article...

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