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Michael Gelfgot immigrated from Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1993, and since then, he's devoted his life to helping people get to a healthier place. Mike holds credentials from: NASM, CES, PN, TRX, FAI, FMS, and in 2012, he was the Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year.

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Attracting Talent
It's a System

November 2018 - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. unemployment rate in September of 2018 was 3.7%, the lowest it's been in the past ten years. Although that's wonderful news for the economy, as small business owners, it's been more challenging to find great people, especially if you are operating in smaller towns (5,000 - 30,000 people). Books such as Stop Hiring Failures, 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them, and Coaching Sales People Into Sales Champions are wonderful resources to use when interviewing and managing people. Read Article...

David and Goliath
August 2018 - In his book, David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the art of battling giants. What's interesting about the story is that everyone else besides David fought Goliath, Goliath's way. Goliath's way was up-close, hand-to-hand combat, with a sword and a shield. Goliath outpowered and annihilated every opponent. David knew that, if he were to fight Goliath, Goliath's way, he would lose. David was a sheep farmer, not a veteran fighter with tremendous strength and size, so David implemented guerrilla tactics to beat Goliath. David fought Goliath, David's way, and took down an undefeated giant. Read Article...

Results and Experience-Based Marketing
December 2017 - In less than a month, 2018 will begin. One of the main questions that most of us ask ourselves this time of year is: How can we retain more members and clients to make it easier for us to turn a 10% return Year Over Year (YOY)? Most of us know that close to 40%, maybe even 50%, of our sales will come through in the first trimester of 2018. In a hyper-competitive market, winning is the end result. Read Article...

Stop the Bleeding
March 2018 - While operating 21 Anytime Fitness locations, most are doing well, a few are rocking and there are a few that are dogs and MUST get turned around. No one ever plans on having a club or two hemorrhaging money, but when it happens, it's what you do next that matters most. First of all, what happened? How did we allow such a thing to occur? Aren't we better than that? No one plans on this, but here is what happened... Read Article...

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