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Karen Jashinsky is the founder of O2 MAX, a fitness + media company that creates personalized lifestyle fitness programs for busy students and professionals. She graduated from USC with a Master's in business. In 2007, Karen was named by IHRSA as one of the 25 most influential young leaders in the fitness industry, and in 2009, she was honored by IHRSA with its First Annual Julie Main Emerging Female Leader Award.

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March 2014 - Like many personal trainers, I became passionate about fitness after it changed my life. As a kid, I swam and played tennis, but asthma and allergies made some activities tough. In high school, running the mile had me wheezing like a withered chain smoker, to say nothing of running it in under 12 minutes. I took up weight training instead. My first surprise was that I really loved strength training. Read Article...

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