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Hossein NoshirvaniHossein Noshirvani

Hossein Noshirvani is the Executive Vice President for Motionsoft and is the head of Motionsoft's marketing team.

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Our Country Needs to Promote Fitness, Not Tax It!
December 2013 - We tax tobacco, alcohol and gasoline. I get it. Hey, I understand taxes, and I'm happy to pay them for the greater good. Those first three make sense to me, but gym memberships? Is there a worse message to send to our country than any disincentive at all to being physically fit? Read Article...

What Does PCI Compliance Have To Do With The Exorcist?
February 2014 - I love horror movies... and one of the all-time greatest was filmed right here in Washington D.C: The Exorcist. So, why do I think of PCI compliance when I think of the Exorcist? The answer is quite simple... Read Article...

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