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Ellen de Werd is a 21-year fitness industry veteran. She is the Founder of WARRIOR Rhythm and WARRIOR Strength. Prior to the launch of the WARRIOR Instructor Academy, Ellen garnered national attention as a presenter and educator for Beachbody. In 2021, her WARRIOR formats spread internationally to nine countries. Ellen is the Fitness Director at the Downtown Athletic Club and a Lululemon Ambassador in Eugene.

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How to Keep Members Engaged All Year
November 2022 - According to IHRSA data, pre-pandemic, the national average for member retention hovered around 70%. That means almost 30% slip through the cracks. They didn't want to. They didn't intend to. So, why did they? On the day of their enrollment, they had high hopes of successfully achieving goals in our facilities. We, as owners, operators and managers shared their desire. What went wrong? A small portion of attrition can be attributed to things like people moving and falling ill. Most, however, quit for failure to form a habit. They stopped coming. They became discouraged. They felt like they were throwing money away. They quit. Had they been engaged, this classic story ends very differently. The member wins. The club wins. Read Article...

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