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Dr. Edward SloverDr. Edward Slover

Dr. Edward M. Slover has 12 years of diversified experience as a leader, author, and presenter within the commercial health and fitness industry and holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership. Presently, he works as the National Sales Manager for Apex Fitness, developer of bodybugg® - the World's Most Intelligent Calorie Management System.

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Avoid "Commoditizing" Your Club's Product and Service Offerings
March 2010 - A commodity is something that is relatively easily traded, can be physically delivered and can be sold or resold. Within the health and fitness industry, commodities exist in the form of memberships, physical facilities, amenities and other product and service offerings. Each of your competitors possess similar commodities, and they are vying for your market share. Read Article...

Breaking Down the Gym Walls Through Phone Coaching
November 2008 - As an industry, we have always known that our ability to impact people's lives rested on their willingness to enter our facility. We also know that, unfortunately, only 14% of the U.S. adult population works out in our clubs. Thus, we compete for the same customers and run our businesses the same way year after year expecting a different result. Read Article...

Drive Incremental Revenue with Nutritional Products
March 2009 - The present state of the national economy is palpable and far reaching. Businesses in the auto, restaurant, jewelry, and retail clothing industries reported a decline in year-over-year sales in 2008, and sales are expected to fall even further as the turbulence continues into 2009. While there appears to be no end in sight, there may be light at the end of the tunnel, especially for the health and fitness industry. Read Article...

The Economics of Weight Management in the Health Club Industry
February 2009 - There is little debate that, historically, the "life-blood" of the health club industry has been membership sales. It was the way businesses could increase cash flow quickly, build a solid monthly receivables base or both. As the industry has grown, and with more fitness options available to consumers than ever, health club memberships have become little more than "leased space" for gym goers, and over the long run, this challenges the ability of a facility to achieve financial viability. Read Article...

The Leadership Factor
Are You Up to the Challenge?

May 2009 - In light of the current economic reality and the increasingly competitive business environment, all businesses encounter demands for more leadership to make their organizations prosper. While leadership is a buzzword bandied about by management scholars and business practitioners, it is the lynchpin that ties an organization's vision and mission to operational effectiveness, and ultimately, the achievement of financial goals. But, don't take my word for it. Read Article...

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