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Dave is the Founder and Chief Intentional Officer of Fit Happens Intentionally! A health and fitness innovator on a mission to help people Move More. Eat Better. Live Better - Intentionally! He brings over 35 years of fitness industry experience starting in clubs and equipment sales to over 20 years delivering workplace wellness programs at Fortune 100 employers. He is recognized as a thought leader who is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom, a creative problem solver. Now as an entrepreneur, he is helping to disrupt and reshape the fitness industry to better serve those who need it most. Dave holds BS degrees in Marketing and Exercise Science from Oregon State University and an M.S in Clinical Exercise Physiology from UC Davis.

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Workplace and Medical Fitness Case Studies
April 2017 - In their 2015 Vision Report, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) observed that the Affordable Care Act's "essential health benefits" and other factors have spurred the conversation about scaling fitness in the workplace. With little regulatory guidance and stifled innovation, there is no clear path forward for the small- to medium-sized business (500 employees or less) where most Americans work. The report continues by stating that what is needed is for these businesses to tap into the content, programming, facilities and qualified expertise available in the community around them. Read Article...

Workplace and Medical Fitness Case Studies
Mike Feitelberg and The Edge

July 2017 - The first club to respond to our call recently issued in Club Insider was The Edge in South Burlington, Vermont. Mike Feitelberg, Edge President was excited to share what his club is doing to become a wellness hub in their community. Read Article...

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